Thursday, 14 April 2011

FaceON Magazine

Hello makeup and beauty lovers!

I need to tell you all about the most AMAZING makeup magazine EVER! Makeup lovers will know what I mean when I say it's so disappointing when you get a normal magazine and they only dedicate a few pages to makeup and beauty stuff! I used to feel like crying out MAKE A MAKEUP MAGAZINE! And my prayers have been answered! FaceON magazine is a magazine based in the UK and it might be quite a new project, but it's well on its way to stardom!
Makeup artists or photographers can submit their work to have the chance to have it featured in the magazine - what an amazing idea! The mag is filled with makeup artist tips, new product reviews, product recommendations, inspiring spreads, 'how-to' makeup looks... boy it's SO INSPIRING! I have pored over the last three articles I've had and honestly I read EVERY WORD of it! I don't do that with any other magazine! I really recommend it to any makeup artists and photographers out there, but it's also amazing for artistic and creatives looking for inspiration, as well as the general public who love makeup!

Each issue is £4.95 - and it's worth every penny, it is honestly so inspirational and fun to read! Buy it here;

Or if you fancy reading more about it before you buy, look here...

Like them on facebook here,

GET IT! It's amazing :)
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