Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Armpit Hair... Be gone!

Hello dearies!
So last Friday I had my roots bleached and dyed pink at the hairdressers, and while I was there I was talking to the beautician about all sorts (I'm such a chatterbox!) and then we decided I should get my armpits waxed! Now I've never had anything waxed before, and I absolutely hate people touching my pits for some reason haha, it sends shivers all over me, I hate it!
Soo while I was waiting to have my hair straightened, she (I can't for the life of me remember her name! But she was lovely!) laid me on her beauticians bed and we both held my skin taught as she stroked on some warm wax, and then pulled it off! Now I'd been expecting the worst pain in the world and that I'd cry and run out and not be able to move for months, but actually.. it was ok just really stingy for about 3 seconds then a dull sting for about 10 minutes after! And now, my armpits are super smooth and the hairs wont even start growing for agesssssss! Cos waxing pulls the root out too!
I would really recommend it, it did hurt a lot, but the pain was over before I knew it! I'm very happy with the results, and it was only £6! :D
So now my armpits look silky smooth like this :D...

And here's a picture of me and Dan in our new house, and my with my pinked up roots :)

Let me know if you fancy a wax! :)



  1. Ouchies!! Sounds so painful! I've always been scared to get this done, as Im a big wimp! Ive had my legs done a few times though, but I always scream abit aha!! Well done on being brave though aha!

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  2. Sorry for asking a stupid question, but what do most people do between waxes? I wouldn't want to let my stubble grow out before having another wax.


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