Monday, 25 April 2011

RANT: Tattoos, hair colours - and people sticking their oar in!

Hello my dears! :-)
Well today I want to blog/rant about something that is very close to my heart, and it has really come to light a lot to me in these past few days.
First, I'd like you to read this 'ask' I got on my tumblr today (people can ask anonymous questions on there)...

I was very shocked and saddened to receive this, but also I feel it highlights a lot of society's ridiculously naive ideas about people that look 'different'. Since I've had pink hair, a lot of people have commented on it, some saying they really dislike it - to my face! Now, would anyone do that if someone had just been to the hairdressers just to have it trimmed - NO! It's so mean and I don't see why just because I have 'different' hair people feel they can say what they want, it is NOT an open opportunity for meanies to put their two penneth in, it's me showing my individuality and styling myself how I want to.

But, I have noticed recently there is a problem with more than just hair! I wore these beautiful tights the other day (£2.50 from Primark, bargain, and amazing design!)...

And wore them to the garden centre, where I was tutted about my atleast three older people and it was quite easy to hear them loudly whispering about 'youth of today' and 'disgusting'. Now for a start, they were TIGHTS not tattoos, but that's not the point, who the hell do these people think they are commenting on personal parts of myself! I wouldn't walk past and say 'Look at her long skirt, she's obviously so old and just dresses herself hideously' - I'd expect a wallop! But us young un's (and older ones who decide to dress how they want) and are expected to grin and bear it when people feel they can say what they like about how we style ourselves. That day, in fact, I was feeling pretty great and really loved wearing my new tights, so just shook their stupid comments off, but imagine if I was feeling really down! Aah people, THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!

Something that really gets me mad though, is that people feel they can comment on someones tattoos with mean comments! People have chosen to have this bit of art on them for the rest of their life, it may be personal, it may mean nothing - but it is not an open invite for a barrage of rude comments!

Personally I find a lot of tattoos beautiful and love hearing the stories behind them - I'd never say oh that's gross - the owner of that tattoo will remember your comment forever!

Peoples bodies are their own canvasses, they can decorate them however they want. Hair will grow out and be dyed a different colour, makeup can be wiped off, clothes will be grown out of and styles will change - but we will remember the comments you made, and who said them! I personally will never forget who has rudely commented on my hair, who has tutted at me, who has belittled me or made me feel like nothing, - they are mean unthoughtful people and I will dissociate myself from them!

Do not let yourself become one of these people, that people remember all your bad comments!

Look at all these beautiful people above with tattoos designed and chosen around their loves and hates, their lives, things that inspire them and mean stuff to them! Tattoos are amazing body art, and people confident enough to make such a statement visible to others about themselves should be admired!

Rant over, hope you guys agree!



  1. mate you look like something off snog marry avoid....

  2. To the above anonymous person....mate you look like shit, hence why you're anonymous. You clearly don't have the balls to be honest about who you are so i'm assuming you're embarrassed of yourself. I would be if i was you.

  3. I have dealt with the comments for years & completely understand where you are coming from. Unfortunately it is one of the choices we make when deciding to follow our own heart & not the of the typical norm. I decided long ago that my hair & tattoos make me far happier then the few comments upset me. The ones that I hate are the people that get pissed off when I don't respond to their compliments made in passing. I used to work in a hotel & got older people commenting on my (then purple) hair all the time. Finally I just started telling them that evil spirits did it while I was asleep to let them know how ridicules their comments were.
    Just thought that I would let you know I feel your pain & to keep strong! Your individual happiness is far more then their general nastiness!

  4. Hannah Mottau2 May 2011 at 21:48

    This post is something I believe in more than anything, I've had red short hair for a while, and on Friday I've had a pretty large amount of it almost shaved. I let my hairdresser do what he likes on my hair because I get bored so easily and think why not?! I've had a lot of nice comments, but then I've had looks as if I'm a lesbian, which of course isn't an offensive thing to me but how narrow minded people can be is SO frustrating! As well as the other day, my dad was saying how I won't be able to get a job because of my hair, piercings, and one of my tattoos is on my forearm so visible, and I tried explaining that the makeup industry is so creative and accepting of things like that, but he wasn't having any of it! I hope one day I can become as successful as you, even it it's just to prove everyone wrong! Xxx

  5. Your pink hairs gorgeous :D xxx

  6. You handled that comment SO much better than I did xD I can't stand it when people try to talk down to me based on how I dress- in fact, my absolute biggest pet peeve is when a perfect stranger calls me "sweetie." Tbh, I would've flipped out. :P
    You look gorgeous and I love your blog!!


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