Wednesday, 6 April 2011

My favourite pink MAC lipsticks!

Hello my dearies,

As you must all know by now, I LOVE PINK! :) My hair's pink, my bedrooms pink, my nails are pink.. and my lips are alwaysssssss pink! So I thought I'd give you guys a list of my favourite MAC pink lipsticks :D

First up and top of my favourite list is 'Snob'. It's kind of a rude name haha, but I love it! It's a really girly baby pink but it has a muted grey and blue tone to it that means it's not in your face at all. With a slick of gloss over it it just looks amazing! Or alone.. This is my 'most worn' lipstick :)

Next is 'Angel'. Oh how myself and gorgeous Kim Kardashian love this lipstick! It is just so beautiful, again a muted pink, but even more 'muted/toned down' then 'Snob'. It's perfect for everyday wear, but also sets off a smokey eye amazingly well. I love this one! It just adds that bit of glamour when you have a little makeup on and just want to feel super sexy! Lovely! :D

Another colour high on my 'most worn' list, is 'Viva Glam Gaga I' (ie the pink one from her first campaign, not the peachy nude one that's out now). It's such a bright fun happy pink that really just makes me smile! I also love wearing it knowing that every penny of my fee for that lipstick has gone to helping people out there less fortunate than me. The pink is really blue toned so suits a lot of skins and I must admit you might need a bit of courage to wear it at first, but once you've worn it once you'll love it! :D

Lovelorn is a louder version of Angel - there are more peachy and pink tones in it and it comes off just that bit brighter and more in your face. I wore it today with no liner on or gloss and it went on smoothly and gave me lips a beautiful hint of pink, I loved it! It's been in the back of my makeup drawer for too long, and it's definitely going to be high on my 'most worn' list before I know it. As it's a lustre formulation it's soft and creamy enough to be worn alone and your lips will feel so lovely and nourished :)

What're you fave MAC lipsticks? I'd love to know!


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