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Guest Blog: How Permanent Hair Removal Works

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So a few weeks ago the lovely Maria who blogs for got in touch to ask if I'd be interested in featuring a guest post on here - and of course, I would! Hair Removal is a subject I sort of know a few things about, but am terrified of the idea of epilating or having my bikini line waxed.. (I hate pain), so I was really excited to read Marias advice and her post.. So here it is, enjoy! And thankyou Maria! Be sure to check out her sight too, it's so informative and helpful!

How Permanent Hair Removal Works

While there are many different hair removal methods and products available today like razors, creams, wax, lotions and sprays, most of their results don’t last very long. Daily or even weekly hair removal can become quite a hassle, so it is no wonder that more permanent hair removal options such as laser hair removal, electrolysis and IPL (intense pulsed light) have been popular for many years,. All three of these methods have their pros and cons and knowing them is essential for anyone considering a prolonged reduction form of hair removal.

Laser hair removal, IPL and electrolysis are efficient in the removal of unwanted hair, and can lead to a permanent reduction or sometimes permanent removal. While no one can guarantee that hairs will never grow back, what these methods have in common is that with repeated treatments hairs should disappear and then not re-appear for a long time. While it is hard to predict how long hairs will stay away, it can easily be many months or even years which can be the much needed relief for anyone who is tired of the constant battle against excess hair.

Laser hair removal and IPL are very similar, while electrolysis is a completely different technology. Both laser hair removal and IPL depend on a high degree of heat being generated while in operation, and as the device is placed on the skin, the hairs will absorb the heat energy and get damaged as a result. The biggest difference between laser hair removal and IPL is that laser hair removal uses a real laser, while IPL is a light based device, but other than that, the two methods are highly comparable. Electrolysis on the other hand works by delivering electricity through a fine probe that is inserted into the hair follicle. Hairs must be treated one by one which explains why the method is slow and unpractical for areas other than the face.

What all three permanent hair removal methods have in common is that several treatments are needed to ensure satisfactory results. The exact number of treatments needed is difficult to predict in advance, but during the initial consultation the laser hair removal practitioner should be able to give an estimate. The practitioner can also give an estimate regarding the total cost, but the price will definitely be influenced by the size of the area that needs treatment, the amount of hair, and the coarseness of it. When it comes to pain or discomfort, that all depends too. Some find laser hair removal a breeze, while others find it painful. The discomfort can be managed in different ways: in addition to numbing cream, newer laser machines have built in cooling features that help with the pain. But most individuals who battle against unwanted hairs will agree that a little discomfort in exchange for smooth skin is more than worth it.

Maria Bastet is a hair removal enthusiast that blogs on all matters concerning hair removal. You can find more of her articles located at


  1. Which would you say is safer? IPL or Laser hair removal?
    Does one method cost less then the other?

  2. There is the misconception that laser hair removal is permanent. For some of us maybe, but for most people laser hair removal proved to be the only long lasting hair removal method, and that's something great for those that know how many headaches are caused by shaving or waxing.

  3. Hi Sue.. I'm not sure, perhaps it's best to contact Maria at her website :-)

  4. Você teria que queimar-se o crescimento do cabelo elimate depilação definitiva permanentemente. Ou você pode tentar removel cabelo do laser. Não é exatamente sanar uma casa embora.

  5. Both types of treatments depend on the wavelength or colour of the light. IPL laser hair removal uses a much wider spectrum of light than laser hair removal. IPL is suitable for a wider range of hair colours and skin types.

  6. Thanks thats a really informative article on laser hair removal. I was confused but that definetly clears things up. Really appreciate the comments too!

  7. Love your post! I totally feel (have felt) your pain, I'm one down also (w/o the numbing cream) and yes I have since bought the cream! LOL!

  8. I've had it done under my arms and it was one of the best things i've ever done. It is pretty expensive, but worth it as it is such a time saver. I'm considering having it on my legs as well. It can be slightly painful though ;)

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  10. Great post Thanks to give me such important information


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