Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Wedding Dresses :-)

Hello! :-)

So again, in the spirit of the Royal Wedding, it's got me wondering what I'd like my wedding dress to be like.
Kate's was super timeless, classic and just beautiful. However, despite its incredibleness, I'm not sure if I'd like to inject a little more of my personality into the most anticipated dress of my life! :-)

The dress below is so beautiful. Again another classic dress that is timeless and will always be amazing.

And now onto the more 'out there' dresses. Here's Katie Price / Jordans' wedding dress choice for her wedding to Peter Andre. I really want to hate this haha but I actually love it! It's so tacky that it is just amazing! I love pink so this screams to my pink heart! However I really dislike the head dress! But she does look like a real life Barbie :-)

Perhaps inspired by Jordans wedding dress, comes the Channel 4 programme 'Big Fat Gypsy Wedding', where we see traveller girls getting married, and boy don't they have the most amazing dresses! I love diamante, chunkly, sparkly, tacky stuff so this programme was right up my street! I love their wedding dresses, just not sure I'd wear one on my own wedding day! I'd just love to be able to see one - especially the one that had LED lights in! :-)

I love Gwen Stefani, just think she's an incredible woman with a beautiful voice, bundles of confidence, amazing fashion sense and she is just gorgeous in general! And her wedding dress is definitely not a let down, she's injected some of her personality into the dress and really made it unique. Who wouldn't want a dip dyed pink wedding dress? :-)

I love the detail on the dress below, the roses look just incredible :-) So ornate and pretty.

Look at the length of this train!!! :-)

Has this got you thinking about your wedding day (past or future?) - what are you/did you wear?


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  1. im a 15 yea old boy and i would kill to wear the pink wedding dress:)


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