Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Kate - A True Princess.... DIY Bridal Makeup

Hello lovelies! :-)

So last Friday I was at work but it was completely dead so my boss let me go to watch the Royal Wedding, and I'm SO glad she did! I really wanted to watch it, but needed the pennies, so was super glad I could watch it :-) I watched it at my Grandmas with my Mom and Grandad, and there wasn't a dry eye in the house! Didn't Kate look just incredible, and her sister Pippa looked stunning - however I don't like all this talk that she overshadowed Kate - how can she?- Kate was marrying a real life Prince! And Kate looked just amazing, definitely the most beautiful I've ever seen her. She handled the entire occasion with such grace and poise, she looked like she was born to be a Princess - I wish them both an amazing and happy life together.

Now for her makeup, she did it herself! Which I think is just incredible, and so brave! She knew the world would be watching her, she'd be in every newspaper, everyone would be talking about it, it'd be the most photographed and documented day of her life - but she was courageous enough to do her own makeup! And I hold my hands up to her, it was flawless! People have suggested her eyes were too dark, too much eyeliner.. blah blah! I disagree - she needed strong eye makeup so they didn't shrink and look silly in the photos, plus the makeup she wore was a step more glamorous than her usual day to day look, so she just looked like her beautiful self but enhanced. I would also like to do my own wedding makeup, as I feel like I know what I want to look like and could create the look myself, plus I'd be devastated if some bad makeup artist made me look like a drag queen haha! Applying makeup also relaxes me so that'd be a help on my wedding day ;-)

So let's take a closer look at Kates makeup;


There are some key makeup features on here that are 'signature' to Kate - so let me mention some of them :-) and how you can do it yourself at home,

  • Black Eyeliner
Kate is hardly ever seen without her eyes lined with a dark black liner. It looks quite smudged and soft so I would therefore suggest she's using a pencil liner like Urban Decays 24/7 Glide on Eyeliner Pencil in 'Zero'. Soften and warm it by rubbing it on the back of your hand, then pop it on all round the eyes in the waterline. Set with black eyeshadow and a thin angle brush to ensure it stays on as long as possible and is waterproof.

  • Strong Blush
Kate had super strong pink blush on for her big day, and I salute her, I think it looks fab! Plus it will photograph/appear on TV brilliantly, very clever Kate! :-) She's sweeped it from the apples of her cheeks and let it fade as the blush reaches closer to her hairline. I definitely think Kate's blush was powder, and as she was seen the week before stocking up on Bobbi Brown makeup, I'd suggest she might have gone for the shade 'Nectar' on her cheekbones, then used a pop of 'Peony' right on the apples of her cheeks to really make her look flushed and healthy. ( Both £17)

(Nectar and Peony)
  • Natural Coloured Lips
Kate went for a very natural peachy pink shade, I'd suggest she has really nourished and exfoliated her lips to ensure no naughty dry or flaky bits, then has slicked on some lippy. I reckon her lips look like they're sporting YSL Rouge Volupte Shade 101 Beige Caress, and it suits her perfectly!
  • Defined Brows
Her brows looked more defined than usual on her big day, I'd suggest she'd just deepened them slightly with something like MAC's eyeshadow in 'Mystery' with a MAC 266 brush, and then kept them in place with MACs Brow Set.
  • Radiant Skin
Kates skin looked just incredible! Her foundation was applied thinly and was probably a low coverage foundation or tinted moisturiser, with just a touch of powder dusted on top. I heard she had an oxygen mask facial a few days before, well Kate it made your skin look fly!!!

  • Brown Eyeshadow
As well as the dark eyeliner, Kate had a sweep of brown eyeshadow on her lids, I'd suggest she went for a shade like MAC's 'Wedge' on her lids with the slightest hint of deeper brown contour in her socket crease, perhaps something like 'Cork'. She also had a sweep of a paler highlight just under her brows, perhaps MAC's 'Vanilla' or 'Ricepaper'.

It's also hot talk that Kate used Lancome Hypnose Mascara to really enhance her natural lashes - I don't reckon she used falsies.

  • Nude Nail Varnish
Kate is nearly always seen with nude nail varnish, and in Look magazine it mentions that her favourite varnish is Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine Nail Enamel in Rose Lounge.

At night, Kates makeup still looked beautiful, but I reckon she darkened her eye makeup slightly with a deeper brown shadow and further eye lining of her eyes, and her lipstick also look a wee bit more pink :-)


Aren't they just the most beautiful (well, she is!) and in love couple EVER!


And that wedding dress, my, wasn't in incredible! You can definitely see where she got her inspiration from (ahem, Grace Kelly). I bet Alexandar Mcqueen is smiling down from his big fashion house in heaven knowing Kate choose his name to wear on her big day (it was designed by Sarah Burton).

Oh Kate you beautiful woman!

So this was my (and the rest of the worlds) reaction at the kiss! Hahaha! :-)


Hope you guys enjoyed the Royal Wedding too :-)



  1. Heyy,

    I don't think you've mentioned about what foundation or tinted moisturiser she probably wore or even close to what gave a flawless natural coverage on her. It is hard to find one that sits into your skin nicely without it being cakey or overly smothered in foundation yet giving you a natural healthy glow to your skin.
    Also, YSL make up is recommende time and time again for bridal make up since they tend to give a healthy flush of radiance and extremely natural look, which foundation would you recommend?
    Thank you

  2. Hello :-)
    Laura Mercier Tinter Moisturiser or Chanel Pro Lumiere are the products that immediately spring to mind to create the finish Kate's skin had. It will then have had a wee bit of powder, maybe loose or pressed - perhaps something like MAC Mineralise Skin Finish
    Thanks for your question xxxxx

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