Friday, 8 October 2010

The most inspirational makeup book everrrrrr! Alex Box, my new idol! (but still Kandee of course)

Hello all you makeup lovers out there! Hold tight to your seats as I have an AMAZING book to tell you about!
Alex Box, the makeup artist and creative director of Illamasqua makeup, has a book out entitled with simply her name, that is actually brilliant, amazing, inspiring, wonderful, breathtaking....!
I'd only known of her work from Illamasqua campaigns, but in this huge almost A3 size book she shows off her talent. Her work is art into makeup, she uses tools and 'products' an everyday makeup artist may never consider - like icing sugar and tar! Sounds crazy, but the final image just captures me and I can stare at it for so long just being encapsulated by her work. Just look at some examples!...

Alex Box is definitely a new idol of mine! But she can be your new idol too! Here's the link to buy it off Amazon...

Let's hope one day one of us is lucky enough to meet Alex, after watching interviews with her, she seems so down to earth, yet still incredible mysterious and inspiring. I'd love to know her thought processes to get to her final piece!
Also, Alex is from Grimsby! That's so close to me! To think that such an amazing makeup artist has come from a small not highly reputable town closeby, but is now travelling the world, creating beautiful makeup art, selling books, and is well known in her trade, - it makes you realise that anythings possible if you put your heart and soul into it.

Huge inspirational thoughts,
Emily x

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