Friday, 1 October 2010

soap and glory wish upon a jar review

Wish Upon A Jar™

i first saw this advertised in a magazine, and ran out to get it straight away! the woman at boots told me to go to debenhams to get it as boots didnt stock it, so i rushed there, but they said try boots, and finally i found it, in BOOTS. debenhams do not stock it, never have! i don't know why the lady at boots told me to go to debenhams.. anyway, so i finally had my paws on this beautiful little pot of goodness!

first off, i love soap and glory packaging, it just is so girly, cute and vintage, right up my street! the cream is encased in a little silvery ball of magic, when you open it up, the cream is wonderful pearly shade of pale pink.

so, this stuff claims to completely overhaul your skin in 21 days. here's the description on the soap and glory website...

'21 Day Collagen Overhaul Cream boosts moisture levels, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, brightens tired skin and hides imperfections (with TRIPLE-ACTION YOUTHFAKE™ Diamond spheres specifically designed to disguise dull, exhausted and aging skin). It’s got antioxidants,
shea butter and quite possibly the most potent mix of clinically proven anti-wrinkle SUPERPEPTIDES™, oxygen boosters, puffiness reducers, pigmentation, large pore and fine-line disguisers ever witnessed… and in 21 days flat can take a tired face and make it look FRESH!'

and after using it for only 10 days, i want to scream from the rooftops, this stuff is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i've been wearing it under makeup for a moisture kick in the morning, and popping it on at night after cleansing my face, to give my skin a wonderful treat while i slumber... and oh my giddy goodness, under makeup it makes my skin literally glow, and if i pop it on at night, in the morning it feels so soft and wonderful. the scent is so sweet and dreamy i fall asleep in the most beautiful aroma, and wake up literally smelling like the sweetest sugar.
this pot of goodness has even calmed my eczema! and it looks so beautiful popped in pride of place on my dressing table! it's also reduced the abundance of fine lines that had been developing slowly but ever so surely on my face - so i'd definitely recommend those with ageing skin to try this out!

if you have 14 english pounds and want to feel like a skin goddess, run as fast as you can to your nearest boots and get your hands on this wonderful little treat. i cannot recommend it enough! if it's too rainy (as it is up here in st andrews), order it online, and wait by the letterbox for this pint sized silver ball of skin goodness to be posted through.. buy it online here...

so soap and glory, i grant you and your beautiful jar of magic...

5 stars! * * * * *

lots of wishes and stars,
emily x

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