Monday, 28 March 2011

My favourite hair products

Hello lovelies!

I have very unruly and dry hair that splits a lot and is quite untamable! My hair's always been like this, and sometimes I love it cos I have fab bedhead hair, other times I hate it cos I look insane haha! My hair also has bad split ends (about an inch worth) because, get this, I haven't had it cut since I was 13! That's 6 years! I've done quite alright by myself though haha :) But as I've had no intervention from hairdressers, it's meant I've had to find and try out things myself and finally, 6 years later, I've found the perfect winning combination, which I shall share with you all!
But, before you rush out to buy these products, remember that we all have different hair types, so while this might be perfect for my dry and unruly hair, it might not be perfect for thin hair!

Rightio, first I shampoo with 'Osmo Deep Moisturising Shampoo'. This is to inject a huge amount of moisture and care into my hair whilst also rinsing out gross residue. I wash my hair once with shampoo.

Next up I make a big concoction of conditioning lovliness to keep my hair really soft nourished and shiny. I use a big squeeze (about 3 50p sizes worth) of Osmo Deep Moisturising Conditioner, another huge chunk (about 8 OXO cube sizes! (it's the only thing I could think of to explain size hahaha) of Osmo Intensive Deep Repair Mask, and about 4 bottle squeezes of Rusk Scream Hair Dye in Hot Pink. I leave this concoction on my hair for atleast fifteen minutes, longer if possible, and then wish it out with the minimum amount of cool water.

After this I towel dry my hair with a dark towel (there's always pink residue after I wash my hair) and pour on about two 10p size worths of Osmo Berber Hair Treatment Oil, this really locks in moisture and gives my hair a super shine :) It also reduces frizz and smooths my split ends.

My hair gets luggy very easily so I always rub a big dollop of Avons Banana and Coconut Detangling Cream through my hair, and it means brushing is always easy! :)

Now I just dry my hair :)
If I'm curling my hair, I use VO5 Strong Hold hair spray to keep my curls locked in :) I love the pink bottle!

When my hair is almost ready for washing I'll make it look lovely and ungreasy and textured by using Batiste Dry Shampoo with the Tropical Scent (I tried to branch out from tropical and use 'blush' and everytime I use it it gets stuck right in my throat and I stink like old ladies all day! On the other hand tropical smells lovely! :) )

I also use a special brush for my hair, it's honestly the only one that gets through my lugs easily and in a pain free way! It's the Denman Hyflex Vent Brush. They're really hard to come by nowadays so if I ever see one I buy about 5 to save for the future haha!


Other coloured hair haircare tips;
Limit the amount water gets on your hair as much as possible!
Use cold water to rinse products out from your hair (well use cold water on your hair as much as you can bear it)
Try and wash it less, it'll keep the colour longer.
Use dry shampoo to give it a boost between washes.

Hope that's helped you guys! Tell me your top products for your hair type :)


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