Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Ten Things That Are Under A Tenner!

Hello sweetie pops,

Today I'm going to do a fun blog including ten things I'd really really recommend that are under ten pounds each! :) Hope you enjoy this post! :) Let me know what your favourite items are that are under £10 :)

1. Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Liner £2.99

Lip liners are so important to help your lipstick stay on longer - they usually atleast quadruple how long my lipstick stays on! They also help enhance my lipstick colour :) You can even use lip liner as a lip stain, by using it with lip balm to just change the colour of your lips - and it'll stay for ages! The 1000 Kisses lip liners from Rimmel are an essential in my kit, for all these reasons! It just helps matters that they're super cheap and they come in great colours! :)
Buy it here;

2. Barry M lipsticks £4.49

I love these lipsticks so much! They're so so pigmented, they have the brighest fun colour range ever, and they stay on super long! I love their bright pink shades, as well as their nudey ones - Shade 101 in Marshmallow was one of my favourites when I had brown hair! It's very similar to MAC's 'Myth'. For the price they're cheap enough to buy to fiddle and play around with, rather than spending like £12.50 on a MAC lippie you're not sure about. They're also super moisturising, which is very important when buying lipstick, you need it to soften your lips up not dry them out!
Get them here;

3. Rimmel Soft Kohl Pencil Liner £2.99
I prefer gel liner on my upper eyelids to create a Marilyn Monroe-esque flick, but on the bottom I prefer a smudged line, and these pencils do that perfectly! I really love the Jade Green shade they offer, it really makes any colour eyes pop! Kohl liners sometimes smudge down your face ten minutes after and create panda eyes, but this one just doesn't smudge! It stays put and keeps super pigmented for a really long time :) Lovely! :)
Get one here;

4. MAC Eyeshadow Pro Palette Refill Pan £9.50
I'm picky with my eyeshadows as I hate nothing more than creased eyelids after 5 minutes. It looks so so gross! (Use Urban Dacey Eyeshadow Primer Potion to prevent this!) These shadows are so soft, super pigmented, stay on a long long time, and MAC offers the most amazing colour range ever! Any colour you're after they'll have :) At the minute my favourite colours are Parfait Armour, Beautiful Iris, Sushi Flower, Vanilla, Plumage, Brule and Cranberry. These shades are perfect for a nice lilac lid that can be darkened with the deeper colours for night time.

Get them here :)

5. Eylure False Eyelashes 'Double Lashes' Number 202 £7.10
I hate not wearing eyelashes, my eyes feel so naked and wide open hahaha As my eyelash addiction has developed, I've started to wear thicker longer lashes - I love them! :) These ones are very Katy Perry-esque. They are about £1.50 more than eylures regular false lashes, but I think these are so so worth it! They create volume and length, and make you feel wonderous :) Lovely! Stick them on with some DUO Eyelash Adhesive :)
Get big long lashes here;

6. NYX Pigment £4.99
I've only just got into pigments, as I always imagined they'd be too messy and time consuming to use. They are messy, if you breathe to deeply by accident or twitch, then that's it, colour everywhere, but just keep a steady hand or keep it on a hard stable surface.. and they are time consuming. But not much! Obviously just dipping your brush into an eyeshadow is loads quicker than faffing about opening seperate colours and taking the seal lid off, butttt the effect is sooo worth it! The colour is so so pigmented, they go on like a dream, so soft, and stay on foreverrrr! They blend well, have a beautiful twinkle to them, they're just wonderful. For special nights (or days :) ) I take the extra time to make my eyes look super sparkly with these lovely pigments :) Also, use their goldy vanilla coloured pigment to highlight the tops of cheekbones and cupids bow - very Kim Kardashian-esque :)

See all the shades and get them here;

7. Stars Makeup Haven Eyeshadow Single £4
I tried these shadows out on a whim, as they're cheap compared to the likes of MACs palette pans, so I thought why not! And boy am I glad I did, they're super pigmented, feel soft and creamy, blend really well, last forever, and there's so many colours to choose from! I'd really recommend them! And cos they're so cheap it doesn't make you feel too bad if you don't absolutely love the colour! But every one I've had so far I've loved :)
See all the shades and pick your favourites here;

8. Yaby Cosmetics Eyeshadow Pan £2 in any finish (either matte, satin, frost, pearl) £1.99
These eyeshadows are insanely amazing! They're my favourites over MAC and the Star Makeup Haven ones - they're so cheap but the size of the pans is tiny! Less than a penny size, in face the size they are in this picture is an exact representation of their size - so small! But, they last forever! So size hasn't been a problem so far. The colour feels super creamy on the brush, you need the tiniest amount to get the hugest pop of colour ever, and the colour range yaby offers is amazing, as well as offering different finishes. My personal favourite finish are the pearl ones :) I also love how amazingly cheap they are!

Matte yaby Cosmetics Eye Shadow Pan
See all the colours on offer and get yours here;

9. Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser £4.07
I bought this when there was loads of media hype about it when Kylie Minouge recommended it, as well as a few other celebs and lots of magazines :) And I must say, it is as good as everyone says it is, if not better! You rub it on and it feels so cool and refreshing, as well as super moisturising. Then I use cotton pads that are moistened with water or MACs Fix+ to take off the cream, and it gets every last bit of makeup off! Better than any wipes I've ever used, better than any makeup remover! Just amazing. It leaves skin feeling soft, firm and nicely plump and really looked after. And for just over £4 I reckon that's pretty amazing!
Get yours here;

10. Z Palette (Small) £8.99
I really really love these palettes, they're such an ingenious idea! You just pop in any eyeshadow, blusher, powder - anything that has a magnetic back will stick to the Z Palettes magnetic base! So that means you can reduce the size of your makeup bag by thousands! For example, the eyeshadow pans I've mentioned previously on this post, - they'll all stick and stay in one of these palettes! You can fit nine MAC sized eyeshadows in, so that means once you've got your collection going you can organise each palette into smokey eyes, bronzey golds, lilacs, blues - organise them any way you fancy! Plus they have a see through lid, so it means you don't have to faff about opening each palette to see what's where (like you have to do with the MAC palettes). You can also, if you're careful, remove the pans from the makeup you already have - almost all of them are stuck in their packaging with a magnetic strip - so carefully removed the pan, and you can reduce space by sticking them in your Z Palette! These palettes are definitely a makeup artists essential, but would be such a helpful and fun addition to any persons makeup set! My personal favourites are the pink and leopard ones :)
Small Customizable Z Palette - four designs
Get one here;


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