Monday, 14 March 2011

Illamasqua Style Shoot

Hello my dear readers,
First of all I must apologise for not blogging for so long! What with the move to Sheffield and then my laptop breaking, I just haven't had chance to blog! However, I have had time to do lots of photoshoots, which I shall tell you all about :D
Last Thursday, I worked for the first time with model Pinderella (Donna) and Hayley Jayne Photography. I was super super excited to work with them both! Hayley had mentioned her stylist had a vintage black and white jacket that she'd love to shoot with, so straight away I got thinking of makeup with a black and white theme. I decided to go for Illamasqua stlye makeup - not your regular every day stuff! I'd been wanting to try this look for ages, and practised it on myself first to check everything worked (which it did, apart from it's hard to blend products onto a white face, and it was hard to get the white to be completely opaque).. I did this at about 1am and woke poor old Danny up to show him - he had a fright!
So last Thursday I went and got Donna from the train station, she's so pretty in person, and such a wonderful character! I instantly felt at ease and we had a good chat and giggle together :D The shoot was at Hayleys house, she had the most perfect white brick wall as a backdrop! Hayley was also so lovely in person, and really made us feel at home in her lovely house!
I got to work on the makeup, and boy it took a long time, but was super worth it!
Here's some sneak peek pictures I took of the shppt. What do you guys reckon to it? Isn't Pinderella just beautiful! And I love the black and white shot, amazing! And that jacket, wow!

LOVE these pictures!



  1. wow, thats really amazing! Keep us updated on what your next projects are!!

  2. Really Beautiful. ♥ Great Photography, Very unique!


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