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Want flawless skin?

Hello dears!

So I thought I'd give you an insight into how I do girlies makeup at photoshoots, and many a time they can't believe what their skin looks like! It's my super magic makeup secret (although I'm about to share it with the world hahaha). I don't believe in keeping secrets about how to look great, that's just mean! So if you want super hot skin, follow my magic recipe!

First, moisturise your skin with either Cetaphil moisturiser, MAC Complete Comfort Creme or Origins Starting Over Age Erasing Moisturiser. (Use Cetaphil on dry skin, Origins for more oily skin, and MAC more any skin type). Let this soak in for about 5 - 10 mins (I do my hair while I'm letting moisturiser soak in!)

Now prime your skin with MAC Prep and Prime Skin (IT'S AMAZING), it sorts oiliness, evens up dry bits, lovely! ..
Now blot any excess oil with a tissue (preferably a pink one ;) ),

Now apply Loreal True Match Foundation with your fingers, I use about two and a half pumps for my whole face and neck (I like thick foundation), for models with fab skin, I use one pump only on problem areas. If your skin shade is inbetween two shades, then buy them both, and use a pump from each..... orrrrr, another good foundation method I often use is to use a lighter shade on my highlighting areas (shown in yellow in the pic below), and a darker shade of foundation for contouring areas (the purple bits) - the bits that haven't been coloured yellow or purple are just an equal mix of both colours :) Because this foundation is so pigmented and medium/full coverage you won't need any concealer for any naughty patches!

You can see these areas quite well in the pic from my portfolio below;
(Photographer; Lynn Cameron, Model; Nina Haanes Hessen)

If I'm having an oily skin day and need something to really really grip onto my skin I mix Loreal True Match with some MAC Face and Body Foundation. I do love this stuff, if you want a dewy look, it's perfect mixed with Loreal True Match for more coverage, or used alone! Cheryl Cole uses it! ;) Again dab with a tissue if you're still a bit oily.

If you have really bad scarring, acne, eczema, skin discolouration... I would recommend using Vichy Dermablend Foundations (they're about £14 from Boots or online). I have really really really red/pink undertones in my skin as well as eczemaey bits sometimes, so I use that when my skin's being naughty haha! It is so thick and goes on just like normal foundation but has the most high coverage you would believe! They use this stuff in hospitals for masking skin discolorations. Although beware, it smells gross! You could even mix this with MAC Face and Body or Loreal True Match for your desired finish! :) (with face and body it'd dilute it a little so you'd still get good coverage but also look slightly dewy... with loreal true match you'd get a more matte good coverage look).

Now I use MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural Powders, with a sponge. I sometimes use a brush, but that's more often with a brush like the MAC 217 to concentrate powder on certain areas. I find a sponge means you can really smooth and pat the powder on where you want it (however, this can also be a very unhygienic method so make sure you use new sponges/wash them lots). Again, I often use a light shade for the highlight areas, and a darker shade for the contour areas. This means that my face looks naturally very shapely, and like I have cheekbones! Yey! I've done this on all my models and they've often been shocked at how the shape of their face changes, and how much more 'naturally beautiful' they seem to look with this super easy skin smoothing technique. Ashleigh even said she looked airbrushed!

If your skin is liable to having your pinky red undertones show through, I'd suggest using the MAC Mineralise Skin Finishes together with a more fuller coverage powder. Personally I absolutely love the MAC Studio Careblend Pressed Powders, and especially the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, they're both amazing, and again apply with a sponge.

Here's some more examples of skin I have created!;

(Model; Nicole Abbott)

Models; Leanne Neicho and Hayley Camis

Photographer; Lance Burkitt, Model; Katy Coffey of BMA Model Management

Photographer; Lance Burkitt, Model; Ashleigh Edwards Pitt of BMA Model Management

On top of all these makeup products, obviously you should try and eat well, drink lots of water, do lots of exercise.. you know what I'm on about! :)
Hope this has helped you all!


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