Sunday, 13 February 2011

Bordello Pleaser Teeze Shoe Review

Hello sweeties!

So as you know I've been longing for these shoes since the start of time, and finally got them just after Christmas. A LOT of people have commented on them when I've worn them, have mentioned they want some, and they are such a reblogged photo on tumblr that I thought it'd be useful to do a review of what I think of them.

First I'll tell you guys about where I got them from - this site...


'Evening Lady' as the company is called is a burlesque/fun lingerie and shoe shop based in Norwich, England. After looking around on the net I decided to get them from this site, as it was one of the only UK based places that had these shoes, and that had them in stock. However, I needed them by the Friday (I ordered and paid for them on the Sunday before), which I thought was fine, as they had 5 days shipping time, and the postage method they used said it'd only take 1 day. I also put a note in with my order mentioning this, and after ordering, rang the shop immediately to check they'd pack and parcel it that day. I was met with an answer phone saying 'Sorry we can't answer the phone, we're busy as we're currently packaging and sending off your order' - I found this answer message pretty ridiculous, as how did they even know a customer was ringing?! I quickly emailed them to double check they'd received the note, and then I didn't think much of it though, and thought the delivery note should be enough. I rang on the Monday to check, and got the same answer message. On the Friday (which was 6 days after ordering) the shoes hadn't arrived :( I emailed them and asked why, and had no response. I also rang, same message. Just for the sake of it, I rang them on the Friday night at 1am - and guess what, same answer message! They were still packaging my parcel hahaha! I find this really patronising and rude to customers! On the Saturday (a week after ordering), I received an automated email saying the shoes had been delivered, and I finally recieved them on the Monday (9 days after ordering, with delivery that should have been 'Next Day')... but still no email back or response despite their customer service being ridiculously bad! Overall, I'd recommend 'Evening Lady' as a company if you have no particular time frame to get stuff, and are 100% sure you will need no human contact through email or phone! However, if that's not the case, don't buy from them!

So now, the shoes. They arrived looking oh so beautiful! Even the box they came in is worthy of peeking at every day :) Now I've took the shoes out I keep makeup in it :)

Inside the books, each shoe had it's own shoe sock type thing, I thought this was so cute, and a good idea to ensure the rhinestones keep on happily :)

And then, under all that packaging are these lovely shoesies! They are so beautiful in real life, nicer than any picture can portray! The rhinestones glitter and sparkle sooo much! Even without light they sparkle!

The bow at the front helps keep your feet in and makes your foot feel more sturdy and in place.

They're a beautiful shoe to sit down and admire, but how comfy are they? Well.. it depends how used to wearing heels you are. I'm pretty out of practice as I've been hardly going out much, but I know if I wore heels more often I'd think these babies were comfy compared to most heels! Now obviously they're high so they are always going to be a bit painful and dangerous haha but honestly they're no worse than a normal pair of heels!
Here's an action shot of me out on the town in them! My feet and legs look like little stubs hahaha! There's me with two of my best friends Amy and Sian

Now I have the Bordello heel addiction, I really would love some more! Need to wait till I'm earning lots of pennies though, boo!


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  1. Wow, they look really cute. You're a beautiful woman, and these shoes accentuate your style. Keep it real, from the USA.


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