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Guest Blog: Who Inspires You?

Hello my lovely readers!

Once again I have a super exciting and super inspirational post for you guys to read from Amy! One of the kindest hearted people I know! Go check her amazing blog out and read this beautiful post she's done just for you guys!

hair…y u no do this anymore!

Who Inspires You?

These are my personal faves...

Raquel Reed

My alternative beauty queen. Raquel was a big inspiration for me during my dare I say it ‘scene’ stage mainly because she had a creative edge over everyone else, she saw what everyone was doing and put her twist on it. I also love Audrey Kitching but she didn’t have the same appeal as Raquel who looks like a Hollywood glamour puss with bright blue hair. She is pin up meets the 21st century. She also is a M.A.C. make-up artist in New York and has a fantastic modelling career. ENVY!

Terry Barber

Terry is a MAC senior artist, he has the most incredible voice! He has a way of describing makeup that really engages my imagaination, and helps distinguish makeup as a whole different art form. Terry Barber is magical.

“If you think you know everything there is to know, you know very little. For inspiration look at the past and make it futuristic.”

Hes also the director of make-up artistry at MAC for the entire world. Wow.

Holly Madison

I wish I could explain how obsessed I was with The Girls Next Door series on E! I always had this fantasy of being beautiful enough to be in Playboy and live the lifestyle these girls had, I felt I could relate so much to Hollys work ethic and her personality and I wished I could be her so bad. I'd love to look like her too. I know we have to work with what we are given in life but her blonde hair and figure inspire me no end. I spent ages researching her favourite make-up (Cinema Secrets Foundation, Spice by MAC Lipliner and Holly Golightly eyeshadow by Stila, she also has Alexis Vogel do her makeup, who is an inspirational make-up artist of mine).

I have the Girls Next Door workout DVD and actually find it really good! I toned up really fast and I stuck to it really well, Hollys and Bridgets' workouts are best!

Jessie J

The new kid on the block.

She is like Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and Lily Allen rolled into one. All people I love individually and even as one package Jessie J isn’t cheesy shes pure cool. I think shes going to be huge this year! I love her attitude and style. It's all about being expressive and sexy but in a tough way. I like how she shuns this ‘slutty pop princess’ stereotype but doesn’t go as full out wacky as GaGa, who I actually don’t like, Gaga really isn’t original in her style at all. And I don’t rate her music after the Fame album, she has the underground magic but soon as she went mainstream she just lost it. And plus Jessie J is a better role model, no drugs, no eating disorders and amazing songwriting ability . Big appreciation from me!

Nicki Minaj

I first got into when Young Moneys' 'Bedrock' was released and my boyfriend said he found her fit. So I researched her musical career so far. She has come such a long way but it’s the last year that has catapulted her into the starlight.

I love her attitude, and her style is amazing. The wigs she wears I drool over every time, the dip dying is immense and I love the cut how it short at the back and super long at the front.

Nicki’s Barbie image is something that really appeals to me, shes the alternative feisty Barbie heroine, to me she is representing all the curvy women out there and showing how feminine and sweet can also be sexy and stand out. Personally I've never been into female rappers but Nickis' lyrics have changed my mind, I really enjoy listening to her. Few female artists really show their true passion for music , focusing more on their image, so I'm so glad as Nicki is a breath of fresh air.

Vivienne Westwood

I wish Vivienne was my great aunt. She is the exact invisionment of how I want to be when im older.

Her designs speak for theirselves…

Vivienne inspires so many of my fashion choices and art work with her quirky mix of punk anarchy, storybook and regal influences. I love her use of everything in the colour palette, the way she drapes a fabric, this women is extraordinary she is more than just a fashion designer.

As odd as it sounds I think Vivienne Westwood label oozes sex appeal, it think it's how she carries herself, how she has a young heart and is such a strong character and it reflects in her designs. And the makeup to accompany the shows! Omgod I love it!

Her bright orange hair is so amazing! She definitely has je nais sais qoi (did I spell that right?haha )

Dita Von Teese

I cant help but love Dita! She was my first serious role model when I used to waist train with corsets. I used to get called Dita at college which is the biggest compliment ever, someone thinking I look like her! I even won a competition twice in first place when dressed like her. I think her signature style is one that will always be copied. Her liner and lips especially. Ditas favourite shade of MAC lipstick is Russian Red. She is also a Viva Glam spokesperson, and you can't get any cooler then that :P.

She is the Queen of Burlesque and her classy yet provocative style makes me envious!

Evan Rachel Wood

This woman is beautiful. I chose to accompany this paragraph with a picture of her as Queen Sophie Anne in True Blood because I think the styling here is stunning. Her eyes are magnetic, she has the most perfect skin… something about her, I'm hooked! Please can I wake up and look like this?

Helena Bonham Carter

Helena inspires me because she is so kooky, she is so unlike every Hollywood starlet in that she really does her own thing, her style is erratic, she literally looks like a walking clothes horse or that she fell into a charity shop covered in glue and she always looks amazing in a way that she fascinates me. She doesn’t take herself to seriously…and her acting roles further prove this.

I think she is one of the most iconic actresses of our time, known for talent more than looks but still shocking and enticing us all with her amazing style.

I feel so inspired after reading this blog, I may well write one like this myself as it's truly lightened my day! Girl power! :)


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