Thursday, 10 February 2011

What's in my bag?

Hello lovelies!

First off, I'm so sorry I haven't blogged for so long! I've been home visiting family, and the internet at theirs is less than perfect haha! Plus I've been super busy, so now after a long drive home, I'm back in Scotland and back to blogging! :)

I thought I'd give you all an insight into my life, the thing I carry everyday and wouldn't be without... my bag!

First up, here's my bag... it was £16 from Accessorize in the sale, and I love it! It might not be waterproof or have a proper zip for the top.. but it's leopard print eek! The grey means it's not too in your face, and it also matches loads of different outfits and looks. Love it!

Now here's a big action shot of all the stuff in my dear old bag. I have not changed or not included anything that was there (apart from some tissues, gross, and my keys aren't pictured here as they weren't in my bag at the time, but they usually always are, and I also usually have my phone in too.. but I've popped you some pictures of that in below).

So as you can see I fit a lot into this little mite! I have Milkyway buttons, a creme egg and half a lion bar ready to snack on at any moments where the world might end and I'd be stuck without chocolate ;)
I also have LOADS of makeup, which I'll tell you guys about later, some moisturiser, eyelash glue, nail seperators (strange, yes, this is not a typical handbag item but I popped them in my bag to bring back from Sheffield!). I've also got Glamour magazine which I'm yet to read, lots of chewing gum to keep breath smelling nice, some Carex lavender hand sanitiser, perfume - Hugo Boss Orange, and Juicy Couture - Couture Couture, and my black leather studded purse.

Here's my purse, it's a long black soft leather purse with studs, and a little strap on the end which comes in super useful when I'm just running in anywhere. It fits loads in, all my cards, my lack of money, and spare lipsticks for emergency touch ups! As well as loads of random lists and receipts. Below that is my pink hair band which I love to bits. I wear it when it's windy, my hairs getting a bit pesky, or on makeup jobs to keep my hair out of my face! It's super useful to always have it in my bag as well as a few hair bobbles to ensure no crazed hair moments!

Here's a bit more of a close up shot of some of the items. You can see a carry around lots of makeup, but to be honest in these pictures, there is more makeup than usual! That's because when travelling back from home, I wanted to ensure my daily makeup stuff and moisturiser was close to hand at all times and not lost in the boot of my car! I've also been stopping at my boyfriends Moms a lot so it's always handy to keep it close by to avoid frightening his family to death in the morning haha! The Loreal True Match foundations and new mascara is the result of a little shopping trip to Superdrug where they're doing 3 for 2 on Loreal products, and as I was going to get two new foundations as I've ran out of my two fave colours, I was pleased to bag myself a free mascara! I've heard quite a bit about this mascara, especially its innovative shaped wand, which is more a spiky ball shape than the usual long mascara wand. Can't wait to use it!

Here's a close up of the mascara :) You can see the wand shape on it - it'll be so much easier to get to roots of the lashes :)

And here's the foundations :) The bottom one is the one that is almost empty - but you can't tell at all! Very strange! It looks packed to the rafters hahaha

I also have Cetaphil moisture cream in my bag. Now this stuff is INCREDIBLE. My friend Tom recommended it to me, and I'd heard a lot about it online too, so was itching to try it out. My trying this stuff out coincided with having a massive eczema break out (these are often through stress or being allergic to stuff, eg washing powder) - so I could really test the cream out.. and my, it cleared my eczema within a day, left my skin feeling super soft and nourished! I've had the dryest of dry skin all my life, but due to this cream, it's now more verging on the oily side, which I am over the moon about! :) It's £10 from the pharmacy section of Boots, and you get sooooooooooooooo much for your money! I am definitely a Cetaphil convert! :)

I always have a few random lipsticks in my bag, and today there were a couple of my MAC favourites, Snob and Lady Gagas Viva Glam lipstick. I love these too so much, especially with a bit of Viva Glam Gaga Lipgloss slicked over the top! Perfect candy pink :)

Here's my everyday makeup bag - it's packed full! I'm going to do a blog dedicated to this bag of goodies :)

And here's my phone, a Blackberry 8520. I love this phone so much, and am thoroughly a Blackberry convert, I don't think I could ever go back to a normal phone! My and my boyfriend are constantly blackberry messaging each other either romantic stuff or ridiculous pictures haha! :) I love this phone cover, it was about £7 from eBay and it's so super tacky and pink!

Here's my background :) Lovely Dan!

And this is what the case is like from the front :)

Hope you guys enjoyed noseying in my bag - I always love when other bloggers do these posts!

Emily xoxo

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