Monday, 28 February 2011

Up! / Quirky Wedding Shoot

Hello my lovelies,

So last Thursday I had a photoshoot with a photographer I've been wanting to work with FOREVER! Gillian Gamble is a photographer based in St Andrews, I love her style so much - it always looks so vintage looking. And she does illustrations too, which are beautiful. She has amazing talent, and I'm 100% sure she's going to go very very far. Check her work out here;
I also got to work with model Rosie Gowans, who I've met before at the Bridal Fayre I did in Dundee in January. Me and Rosie laughed that everytime I see her she is in a wedding dress! :) On the shoot we had an outfit change, plus some amazing props. Gillian bought the dollshouse in an auction for £1, amazing! I think the balloons set off the blue sky amazingly, just love the whole shoot :)
The below pics are when Rosie was wearing a lovely silky green dress with matching green shoes. I did her lovely red lips for this to really bring out the green in her dress. Her eye makeup consisted of browns, golds and taupes from the wedding dresss shoot.
We shot this on East Sands beach in St Andrews, and it was SO WINDY! The balloons were going all over the place, Rosies hair kept going in her eyes and mouth and covering her face, - I think both Rosie and Gillian have done an amazing job despite the crazy wind!

So half way through the shoot we had an outfit change in my car, which was interesting, as when me and Rosie walked up to Nelly my beloved car, there was a van full of greasy men eating their butties there, ready to ogle Rosie getting changed! Needless to see I quickly sped Nelly round the corner away from their prying eyes!
The wedding dress was again another 'prop' from Gillians - she bought it in a charity shop, and though it doesn't look like much when it's not on, I think it looks so beautiful and amazing in this shoot! Just shows, you should always try things on ;) For the wedding shots we experimented with Rosie having her green wooley hat on and with a pink flower corsage in her hair, but I really love all the shots we got. I can't pick a favourite!
I love this one below, our dear bride is floating away!

I like the one below as it really shows the eye makeup off :)

I'm so glad I finally got to work with these lovely ladies before I moved back to Sheffield. I also got to nose round Gillians house, which was AMAZING! Exactly how I want to have my house, think shabby chic / Cath Kidston / fairy lights - I love it so much! Definitely a source of inspiration for my next house decoration mission ;) :)

After the beach shoot Gillian made us tea and toast, yey! And we did a quick few test shots for a Snow White style shoot involved with the Byre theatre, can't wait to see those pics! :)

Get inspired everyone, :)


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