Sunday, 13 February 2011

Danny... Man to Woman!

Hello my dears!

So last night after looking through magazines and Illamasqua's stuff, I got inspired at like 11pm and forced Dan to shave his stubble and lie back as I turned him into a woman! Now I must say, he wasn't too impressed! I got him to lie down comfy on the sofa and he ended up falling asleep while I did his makeup haha! I do actually think it kind of suits him!

Here's Dan before...

And after! I put him a pink bob wig on but cos his head's a big big it didn't fit quite write but don't think you can tell too much from these pictures. I also got him wearing my pink fluffy dressing gown :)

Super defined cheekbones! hahaha

He does look a little dishevelled bless him!

Rocking those false lashes and hot pink lips ;)

Dan hates people fiddling round his eyes so that posed a problem with eyeliner and false lashes, but suprisingly he took to the false eyelashes really well! Another problem we had was Dans eyebrows, as with most men, they're set really close to his eyes (check the 'before' picture) so I had to somehow cancel them out. I used special effects wax for the first time, I don't think I did too bad a job but it was so fiddly! Definitely something I'll need to practice again. I remembered after that apparently pritt stick is easier to use, so I'll be trying that out sometime soon too! :)

Dan minus the wig!

I wish the wig looked a bit more lifelike haha it's so shiny and fake looking!

I got him to shut his eyes to show the eye makeup :) The eyebrows remind me of Cruella De Vil haha!

Look at those big pouty pink lips! I ran some blue and purple glitter through the gloss too and I think it looks pretty hot!

Well, what an insane transformation! I'm starting to feel a little sorry for Dan being my makeup guinea pig (only a little bit ;) )
What do you guys think?


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