Monday, 24 January 2011

Bridal Fayre

Hello, Bonjour, Hola my lovely blog readers!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with Sandra Cormack of SC Makeup Artistry again. Sandra had a table at a bridal fayre in the Apex Hotel of Dundee, and had also suggested a fashion show showcasing the wedding dresses, as well as Sandras hair and makeup. It was a lovely day all round, if not a bit tiring!
There were 6 models, Rosie Gowans, Libby Forbes, Claire Holmes, Denisa Cargill, Jenna Falcolner and Lucy Ryden, and after setting up in a meeting suite of the hotel, Sandra got to work airbrushing the foundation, highlight, contour and blush onto them, as I began doing eye makeup on them. I used browns, taupes, lilacs, bronzes, and creams to offer neutral makeup that gave the eye a bit of oomph. Brown liner was also added just to the top lid by mixing brown eyeshadow with MAC Fix+ spray, and this really added to the 'wedding effect' of the makeup. I finished off with mascara, and Benefit brow zings through the brows. Lips were done with a dusky pink lipstick from NYX, and a muted pink lipgloss. I thought I'd find wedding makeup tedious and boring in comparison with the fun makeup I like to do on myself and others (ie the avatar!) but actually I really loved it and found it so satisfying to see the transformation.
It was great to work with Sandra, but also great to see her new airbrush kit in action - it really does make the skin look flawless and full of like. It is difficult to tell makeup is applied, so simply makes you look naturally glowing and healthy, now who wouldn't want to look like that? So an airbrush kit has been added to my list of 'wants!' :)
Sandra also did the hair - which is definitely not my forte! After trying and failing to curl Claires (the darkest haired and tanned model) hair with straighteners, I used the curling wand, and after a lot of guidance from Sandra managed to curl her hair! It was so fun, I can't quite believe I'm a 19 year old makeup artist and have never curled my own or anyone elses hair, but I'm so glad Sandra's taught me! I shall definitely be curling away some time soon! :) Sandra worked her magic on all the models hair, and boy, didn't their hair look amazing!
I've attached on some pictures to show you the eye makeup, as well as some from the fashion show - which I loved watching :) At the end of the fashion show, Sandra and I got a shout out and then had our pictures took for the newspaper - so that should be interesting!
I was worn out by the end of the day, and couldn't wait to snuggle up in bed with Dan.
Hope you like the pics!

Here's all the models eye makeup :)

Here's Sandra doing some last minute touch ups on Libbys hair - I love this hair style! Like a modern Marilyn :) Sandra is a hair genious!

Claire, Denisa, Sandra and Libby right before they went out strutting their stuff :)

I had to get a picture of this! I've been lusting after a tattoo for a while now, but after having my lip pierced but then deciding to take it out 5 years later as I got fed up of it, I'm not too sure me getting a tattoo is the best idea! However, I absolutely fell in love with Claires tattoo, it's so girly and untattoo like! :)

And now, for pictures of the actual show!

This girl was the cutest little thing ever!!!!!

This was my favourite dress of the show, love it!

Here it is again, lovely! Very princess like :)

Here's Denisa modelling with her real life husband! I must admit my eyes welled up a little when they came out as they were just smiling at each other - just so lovely!

This looks gorgeous!

Aahh I enjoyed the day so much, and love noseying at the wedding dresses :) It's made me all wedding broody ;)


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