Thursday, 11 November 2010

kandees glaminar

Me & Kandee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to tell you all about my wonderful day at Kandees Glaminar in London, it was AMAZING! She is so beautiful, such an inspirational woman, such a strong person, just incredible, I still can't believe I was lucky enough to be in the same room as her!
So me and my boyfriend Dan travelled down on the Friday (6 hours on the train!!) and stayed in a youth hostel thing like 30 seconds from Picadilly!
The hostel was just down the side where those big glowy signs are, and they stay on all night!
After we'd popped our bags down we went for a walk round Soho, and I got to see the MAC Pro store, the Illamasqua store and The Makeup Store - but they were all closed, I was so sad, it would have been amazing to just wander round and marvel in their amazingness! But I guess it's a blessing they were closed, as otherwise I would have spent some pennies! We walked round Chinatown to, up to Oxford Street and round Leicester Square! It was amazing, so pretty at night, but oh so busy! I don't think I could handle the busyness of it all the time!
And we saw street magic, a man turned a tissue into a live mouse! Seriously, I'm not kidding, it was unbelievable, me and Dan and the rest of the crowd just stood in awe for like ten minutes after! We couldn't believe our eyes! So then we went off to sleep in our bunk bed (LOL our first holiday away and we had a bunk each! hahaha).
And then the next morning I did my makeup as best as I could and popped on my best clothes, cos I was guna go meet my idol Kandee! Dan walked me there, it was at the Meridien Hotel on Picadilly, so it was so close to the hostel. When I went in a suited man opened the door for me! And then directed me to Kandees room up the stairs with this beautiful thick deep red carpet and white marble and gold gilds on the bannisters, it was like royalty! Then I got into the Glaminar opening room, and was greeted by two wonderful ladies who gave me my gift bag! We had a list of stuff Kandee would recommend for a makeup artist, a list of places we could get makeup discounts on cos we'd been to a glaminar, a bridal contract for us to use when we went out on jobs, and makeup stuff - i got some eyelure lashes, some beauty so clean cosmetic sanitiser wipes, a pink handeled brush, some urban decay shadows, and other stuff too!
And then all us girls were summoned to the main Glaminar room, and I managed to get a seat on the front row! Can you believe it?! Me, at the front, to see KANDEE! I almost fainted in my chair, hahaha.
Her lovely Mom told us all about the day and what to expect and where to eat lunch, she was so lovely, a little bottle of sunshine!
And then Kandee came out, she was so beautiful, so radiant, so perfect, and she had her little cupcake tummy too! Her brightness and lovleliness filled the room to bursting, everyone was smiling and soaking up her wonderfulness!

We spent the morning learning all about how to be confident, how to be the best you can be and follow your dreams, how to be a better person, how to be an amazing makeup artist, basically how to be Kandee! And at the end of her speaking my eyes were welled up, I had a fire in my tummy to succeed, to be a strong woman, and to spread wonderfulness into the world. She'd done something no book or film could ever do, I just can't put into words how wonderful she made me feel. And looking round the room, I knew every other girl felt that way, even the guys at the back doing lighting and her microphone felt it, it was amazing to be part of that.

These are some of the cupcakes we had at breaks, they were DELICIOUS! Vanilla cakes with buttercream icing :) Some had strawberries on top, some little oreos, some had hello kitty icing, they were just lovely!

After lunch Kandee spent the afternoon teaching us her top tips on makeup! She applied makeup to one lucky girl, Debra. Her's Debra before - she never usually wears makeup even though she's a makeup artist! And she's never worn false lashes! So we were all so excited when Kandee popped her some on for the first time ever! :)

Here's Debra after! Doesn't she lok wonderful!

After the Glaminar you could queue up for a meet and greet with Kandee! I decided to wait at the back of the queue cos I wasn't in a rush, and there I met two lovely girls, Debra (who'd had her makeup done, I got to inspect it closely!) and Charlie. They were both so nice and really inspired me! I hope we keep in touch!

While I was in the queue I got to meet Kandee's Mom properly and have a photo with her, and at the end just before I was leaving her Mom asked me to do a promo vid for Kandee's blog and channel - I nearly weeed my pants! I was so nervous though and kinda minced my words, as well as nearly burst into tears with joy, so not sure we'll be seeing that on her blog anytime soon!
When I met Kandee it was just amazing, she gave the loveliest most special and warm hugs, and she even said she loved my nail varnish! She signed my notebook and was so lovely and calming when I said I feel like I'm going to faint cos I'm so excited! Hahaha! And I gave her a present, a heart with little pearls decorating it, and inside it said 'Love', and you can hang it up! I thought it would be perfect for her little babies nursery! And when I gave it to her, she said 'Aaaw, you've given me your heart, so I'll give you mine' and touched her chest then passed her 'heart' over to mine and pressed it onto my heart. She's so sweet and amazing, and I'll cherish the little part of her heart I have forever.

Love you Kandee!

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