Saturday, 27 November 2010

Makeup Artistry on a Catwalk!

*here's the flyer of the fashion show*

Hello lovelies,
Yesterday was such a fabulisous day! :)
So I got all my makeup kit ready for the show, but had an email asking for the MUA's and designers of the fashion show to be there early to help set up the show.. I was kinda annoyed cos I was like I'm coming to do the makeup, not manual tasks! hahaha but I went along early anyway and I'm so glad I did, I met some lovely girls and had such a giggle - which really calmed my nerves!
So my first lesson of the day was never think you're too highly placed to do the menial tasks - they can be rewarding!
After that the other makeup artist, Olivia arrived and we set up our stuff... Look at my stuff all laid out :D

and that's not even half of my kit! Cripes, I definitely have a makeup buying obsession.. :)

So then along came the first model, Laurie, she was so pretty and beautiful and lovely! I had such a giggle with her applying makeup, she taught me how to say the classic Loreal 'Because I'm worth it' in french hahaha
'parce que je le vaux bien'

Here she is in all her prettiness...

Next up I did Miko, she was so lovely, from Seattle! She had such an amazing accent! However about half way though doing her makeup I started feeling so dizzy, I could see two lines when actually there was one, my skin was going clammy, I tried to ignore it, but in the end I almost fainted and had to take 5 minutes out to have a drink and eat some pizza with Miko (my lovely boyfriend Danny had bought me some as he knew I'd had no tea! - and bless him, he sat from 6 till 9 and watched me do makeup before we could go home! I'd been there since 4 - that's lots of makeup time = heaven!). I was scared Miko might have thought I was unprofessional for almost fainting on her and having to have a sit down, but she was lovely! :)
So lesson 2 of the day was don't ignore your body! If you feel ill take time out, no matter where or what you're doing!
Here's Miko with all her makeup on :)

Next I did Annika, I'd done makeup on her last weekend at the photoshoot, so it was great to work with her again! She has the most amazing eyes and lashes!
Here's me and her with her makeup done! And me with my colour back after my almost fainting episode!

I did Stefan next, my first male model, he was so lovely and so much fun! We had such a giggle! He's in the halls I was in last year, so we were laughing about the hideous food they create! Here my hand becomes famous while doing his makeup...

After Stefan I did a guy called Jonathons makeup - who was again great to work with. So far on makeup jobs I've been so lucky, all the models and people I've worked with have been wonderful!
Here's Jonathon far left, and Laurie far right, and little old me in the middle! The idea for the show was 'Green Fashion' - ie envrionmentally friendly, so Superdry donated some of their 'Green' clothes, and there were designs from student designers too, I particularly like Lauries top!

The makeup explained...:
my original idea was like the givenchy perfume advert, a lace mask.. first a stripe of black greasepaint across the eye area, then holding lace over this and stippling on pigment, so when the lace was removed, it looked like a mask was being worn! the pigment colours would be based upon the outfit colours... but then another girl franchisca (who had no kit and no brushes :/) decided that we should do the final idea chosen (that's in the photos).. I do love the final makeup, just wish I stood up for myself a little more! I must stand up for myself next time :) But the makeup did look pretty amazing when they were all together :)
We also concealed the lips and did extra pale makeup, and whited out their hair with Body Shop body powder.

From the left there's Annika, Miko and Stefan who I did makeup on (Olivia did the other two on the right). Nishy on the far right organised the whole event!

Here's me and Olivia the other main makeup artist

Our makeup station! *eek* all that beautiful makeup!

Stefan strutting his stuff, I did the guy on the far right's makeup - he was from Iran! But for the life of me I can't remember his name! Aargh!

Here's the models, some designers, the makeup artists (me! :D), and the organiser!
What a fabulous time!

Crazy catwalk makeup,
Emily xoxo

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