Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Update! :)

Hey everyone,
So sorry I haven't been blogging for a while, maybe one person out there noticed? haha
Well I'm back on the internet now, so let's give you an update and tell you about life in the past month!
Firstly, I moved out of that house (thank goodness!) and now live in a beautiful little flat with my wonderful boyfriend. Things are turning out well, but there's still BIG complications and stresses with the other house that just make me want to cry. However, with a little help from Him up there then maybe things will be sorted sooner and I won't have this constant weight on my shoulders!
Secondly, oh my giddy goodness, I went to KANDEE JOHNSONS GLAMINAR! It was incredible! And deserves a post just for itself, so it shall get one!
I have bought lots of special little wonder makeup products and can't wait to try them out! Most of them came from Edinburgh yesterday which I went on the coach to with my Mom :) We went in Harvey Nichols and in Jenners and they were the most amazing department stores! I was in girl heaven! I got some stuff from Shu Uemura to try out, and of course some MAC stuff and me and my Mom got the most wonderful beautiful makeup bags that match, let me show you...
follow this link!
I love love love the little bags!
We had cake in the Harvey Nichols cafe that overlooks St Andrews Square in Edinburgh, it was so beautiful, it was like top floor, there was the sunset, the ocean in the distance and wonderful tea and cake! And get this, at probably the poshest shop in the UK, cake was £3! :) And it was delicious! I had plum and almond tart with creme anglais :)
When we got back I did my Moms makeup, not sure she loved it, she couldn't get used to having dark lashes and strong brows - but I guess she's been doing the same makeup for the past 30 years, it would be strange to see change, but all the same, I wish she'd have loved it cos it kinda knocked my confidence a bit :(
Today I did a bit of internet makeup shopping and bought some stuff I need for doing the makeup in a few weeks on the fashion show, oh my goodness, I haven't told you about it! I'm the chief makeup artist for it, it's based all around environmental and sustainable fashion and there are designers showcasing their designs, and me doing my best to do makeup on the models! I can't wait! =D So I got like some body paints and latex stuff and bald caps and all sorts of special fx makeup goodies, as well as a 'little' order from MAC (again!), some lashes from kandilashes, and disaster struck and it all went downhill from there when I saw some Christain Louboutin Madame Butterfly Booties for £150! Now, they're meant to be like £900, they've sold out round the world and are basically impossible to get, so when I saw this site I was amazed, but my excitement got the better of me, and after popping in my details, and mentally extending my overdraft, the payment went through, but my confidence in the site failed,
the site is...
check it out for yourselves, at first it sempt legit, but the payment site they have had fraud written all over it, the only problem was, you don't see this site till after you've paid! Aaargh so after a severe kicking of myself I am heading to the bank right away at 9am to cancel the transaction, and I've already sent them an extremely nasty email telling them what I think! But I'm sure they'll laugh as they wrap and parcel off some fake loubys to some other unsuspecting excited girl! They are my dream shoes, I should have known better! Sometimes your head should rule your heart, and it really should have in this case! So anyway I'll keep you updated on that, and I strongly hope that everyone reading this listens and doesn't buy when they don't completely trust what they see!
PS this is the payment system they use...

Right, rant over!

I really want to do makeup tutorial videos on youtube and be an amazing makeup artist and go out and make people feel beautiful but I'm so scared. The industry is so competitive, and just from a minor insight into it it's frightened me! For example, Kandee Johnson is so beautiful and inspirational, but she gets hate mail telling her to kill herself and that she's ugly. She has so much sunshine in her heart that nothing seems to cloud her spirit, but if someone said that to me I feel like it would hurt me so much, even if it was just through the computer. I'm so sensitive and have very thin skin, so not sure how well I'll fare in the industry! However my passion for the art in it keeps my spirit alive, so I'm going to try my best! And if it gets too much, I guess I'm allowed to back out and say no.. but fingers crossed eh!

I'm off to watch Gossip Girl then the Apprentice then the Only Way is Essex - the girl in it, Amy, is so beautiful! She always looks so polished and just like any mans dream!

Upon hunting down a picture for her for this, I discovered her beauty doesn't 100% portray in her photos - so it goes to show everyone has their faults!
Sorry this post has been kinda depressin but I feel a bit down today, hopefully I nice sleep, shower, and TV session will sort me out :)

Take care all


  1. did they actually send you the shoes or no because i ordered off the website a couple weeks ago and i dont no what to do

  2. In the end, the bank couldn't cancel the transaction, and even though I asked the owner of the site Sara to cancel it and for a refund, the money still left my account. After exchanging many rude emails and me demanding my money back (but not getting it), she offered me another pair of shoes from the site free of charge, and ensured me the shoes I ordered and the free ones would be sent straight away and sorry for the problems I'd had - but after choosing my free shoes, she then told me I had to pay extra for postage! That woman is ridiculous haha. So now, she's told me she'll give me a refund 'when she can' - what on earth that is supposed to mean I don't know, but all I know is I have no shoes, and she still has the money.
    I don't know what to advise you to do, have your shoes been shipped? Maybe if they have you should see if you like them and if they look real, if not, then decide whether you want them, and perhaps ask for a refund.
    I'm really considering contacting the police about this to try and get my money back, as the woman, Sara, seems in no rush to give it me back!
    Let me know what happens!
    All the best,
    Emily xoxo


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