Thursday, 18 November 2010

my freelancing adventure begins!

so next friday i'm doing makeup for a fashion catwalk - OH MY GIDDY GOODNESS! haha i feel so responsible and i just hope i do the clothes justice! the designers all have amazing wacky ideas and i hope i can somehow bring the looks together to make the makeup cohere between models, but i'm not sure it's going to work.. one designer wants completely neutral, one wants smokey eye and nude lips, another wants face body art, another 80s makeup, another with body art on exposed skin in newspaper font... i hope it all doesnt look too crazy!
buuuuuuuuuuuuut because i've involved myself in this, i got an email today asking me to do makeup for a photoshoot this weekend! WOW :D i cant believe my freelancing stuff is finally taking off and i can build my portfolio up :) i just really hope the fact im mainly self taught with little/no experience isnt going to be obvious/a problem!
but at the glaminar, kandee said if you ever get scared or feel out of your depth, breathe deep and imagine you're the most inspiring person you can think of... so i'll have to do that, imagine i'm kandee, and maybe my makeup brushed will become magic wands and make things beautiful without my nerves and worrying haha

ooh remember i showed you the big pot of special effects makeup goodies i got from dauphines? well i tried them out on my lovely boyfriend danny while watching the xfactor - the result is hilarious! hahahaha

and a little treat for you all, i've just found an amazing website made by a makeup artist, showing all the stuff you should have in your kit! it's so helpful, but has once again made me want to spend spend spend! starting out in this field of work is sooooooooooooo expensive! i can't expect to get a good reputation with products like rimmel or barry m or sleek, but how do you get to make the money in the first place to buy good makeup, in order to get good makeup jobs haha?! thank the lord for overdrafts!
here's the website, check it out!

wish me luck on my first proper makeup jobs!
emily xoxo

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