Monday, 22 November 2010

Being a MUA for a photoshoot! And MUA foundation secrets...

Yesterday I did makeup for a magazine photoshoot, and oh my goodness, it was so much fun!
I arrived on time and set my stuff up and laid it out all neat, it was so nice to see all my makeup laid out so pretty - just like one of those photos on tumblr! I wish I'd have taken a picture haha!
The two models came, and my they were so pretty and had such lovely skin!
I sat the first one down and did my stuff, the photographer asked for fairly natural looking makeup with strong dark eyebrows, so that's what they got! Both models looked really striking when I'd done, I was so proud I'd done it myself! :)
I was left with such a warm glowy feeling inside, - I know that makeup was definitely something that lights a fire in my heart and keeps it warm!
The models were so kind, not nasty and snobby like you sometimes hear about! I loved chatting to them!
Hopefully I should get the photos soon, and then maybe I can show you!

Check Annika and Alix out in all their glory

BUTTT something I should mention for all the makeup lovers out there...
When I went to Kandee's glaminar she recommended Loreal True Match foundation over any other foundation out there, and I was like hold up! Better than MAC, Chanel, Armani.. all the stuff beauty gurus on the net hype about constantly?! So in Boots there was 3 for 2 on, so I got three different shades, a light, medium and dark shade for my kit, and oh my lordy! It's true! They are amazing! I scooted right on back after practicing with the stuff for a coupla weeks, and bought another four shades for my kit! The stuff is AMAZING! It has such a thin texture, like MACs face and body foundation, it smooths on perfectly with anything, your fingers, a sponge, a brush, and is so thin on skin you feel like you have no makeup on, but actually it's there all day long! The yellowey undertones in it make you look more tan and healthy, and the wide variety of shades they offer means you can create any shade you like for any skin! It truly is the stuff of the Gods, better than any MAC, Lancome or Clinuque I've tried - and is half the price!
It's £10.99 in Boots, but run there now and it's in the sale for 3 for 2, so you can build that MUA kit and save some pennies!
I'm sorry wonderful MAC, but Loreal beats you hands down here!

Foundation kisses,

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