Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Am I a Makeup Artist? Can I be?

Hello my lovelies :)
Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!
Today I want to talk about some questions that were at the forefront of my mind for a long time - Am I a Makeup Artist? Am I good enough? Can I be a makeup artist? Am I talented enough? What will other makeup artists think of me? My mind was plagued with doubts - I hadn't been to college, did I have a proper kit, what on earth was a proper kit?!, would people like my work, would I be really bad.....?!?!
These questions used to overflow in my mind - and some days they'd overtake me and I'd just feel like giving up and stop kidding myself. But thank goodness I stopped myself from being so full of doubts! Because actually, I've ALWAYS been a makeup artist - ever since I first got my hand on my little Barbie makeup set - and so have you. We've all been artists, painting and colouring in images from our imagination - an artist just does that as their profession because they love what they do. And a makeup artist is just an artist that uses the medium of makeup - anyone can do this! You don't need certificates, training, a huge kit and extensive portfolio to show that you have a wild imagination and can use different things to make people look different! You just need passion, a good strong unwavering love of your art!
Some people love a painting, others hate it - but that's all part of the creative process, you can't please everyone! Just do what you love - eventually people will take notice! Spend time practising, learning colour theory, make huge folders full of ideas and things that inspire you, brainstorm with friends, take pictures of all the makeup you do - your skills and techniques will change constantly!
From Sandra, the makeup artist I worked with recently, I learned something very important - she's been in the trade for many many years, has an established business and is very experienced and knowledgeable in what she does - but she said 'Emily - I can learn so much from you', and it took me aback - as I realised an artist never stops learning. If Van Gogh and Da Vinci had met - they would teach each other so many incredible things - but they could also meet a small child that painted crazily at nursery and also learn something from them! It's so inspiring to think how much there is to learn! But while you're learning - that doesn't mean you're not an artist! You are an artist right now!
Tell everyone that! Tell everyone 'I'm a makeup artist' - if you wear lipstick then so are you! Don't be scared what anyone thinks or says - follow your dream, learn constantly and love what you do :)
Big kisses,

Emily xoxo

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  1. What a lovely post- you are a VERY talented MAKEUP ARTIST!!! I looooove the pink hair- really suits you! Hope you had a great Christmas, lots of love

    Rosie xxxx



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