Saturday, 4 December 2010

overcoming obstacles

Hello everyone,
So today I don't want to write my typical makeup blog - I want to focus on something a lot more meaningful - that of overcoming big obstacles in your life.
Now I might be only 19, but I feel I'm more than enough experienced to speak about such things.
Everyone has their own story - everyone has memories of the time they've been most down and sad, and memories of the time they've been on top of the world. We might think of these a lot, but most people don't think a lot about times when they've been strong. When they've pulled through things they never thought they could, and proved to themselves that they can 'do it'. Now people don't usually speak about any of these times, the good, bad or the strong parts - but WHY?! These are the bits that highlight a personality most, the bits of a persons life we should admire about them, but people are just too embarrassed to admit these kinds of things.
I've had all of those times, and my spirit and soul is so strong because of them. I've cried and cried till I could cry no more, I've wished I wasn't here so many times - even tried to not be here, I've pushed everyone around me away and tried to just hibernate in my own sadness alone, I've had my heart torn and felt like I was no good to anyone, suffered with depression and Bipolar disorder... and I've had times of feeling amazing and brilliant, I travelled to another country alone for a month, I moved to Scotland alone to follow my dreams of studying marine biology, I set up my own business and blog about makeup...
And I know there are people all around me, people I know and people I don't, that are suffering lives battles, but should scream and shout about how amazing they are, and what journey they've been on!
For example, *I hope the people I speak about don't mind me talking about them!*
I've recently been in contact with a photographer called Lynn who after reading this blog told me she's also suffered for a long time with Bipolar Disorder, and that she's been down and in some bad places - but now she's stable and at university studying what she's always wanted to, and is finally doing what she wanted to in life :)
My boyfriend Dan had awful troubles with his past partner and she knocked him down and hurt him and his confidence so much until he took an overdose, but now me and Dan are living together and we are both so happy :)
In life I guess we all have to realise that there will be people that are just mean, horrible and want to pull you down.. but we can't let them!
We have our own stories, we're all amazing, no matter how low we get, we can get through it, no matter how long it takes, we'll get to be what we want to be, we just have to be patient.


Strong thoughts :)


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