Sunday, 12 December 2010

another day, another incredible shoot

Hello everyone :)

Today I've been on shoot with an incredible makeup artist, Sandra Cormack - look up her company, it's SC Makeup Artistry
It was the first time I met her today, and immediately she made me feel warm, welcome and comfortable. I half assisted her and half did makeup too. When I was all done with my models it was wonderful to just sit down and chat with her about girly makeup things over a hot chocolate!
The shoot was at 'The Secret Bunker' The most amazing location ever for a pin up themed shoot! It is a museum based far underground all about the war - it had so many old artefacts and fun things for us to see! I'd wrapped myself up all warm as there's still snow on the ground, but deep underground it was roasting hot! The have no heating at all, my my lord, it felt like we were in Hawaii!
The shoot was for FS , the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show. This show is amazing - it's so well known! It's the biggest student run show in the UK! To give you an idea of the scale of it, Maxfactor do the makeup for the show (but hopefully me and Sandra can sneak in and get involved!) and Alfa Romeo are sponsoring the next shoot - incredible! It's been featured in Vogue and The Sunday Times - it's mind blowing to think I worked on a shoot for an organisation so huge!
Check the website out - it's honestly something special!

So the brief we had was a modern high fashion pin up style - and boy, is that my favourite thing to hear! I love this style!

First up I did makeup on Lex, a guy from Lancashire - he had such fab skin! Very lucky! We popped him on his first ever makeup, with some foundation contouring on the cheekbones and round the eye, and then the other girls lubed him up in body oil ready for his shoot!

Next I did Lara, she was so lovely! And her the most big and beautiful doe eyes. And her hair was so soft and smooth! So amazing that she can roll out of bed and have the most wonderous hair! We did her a smokey eye with some browns and golds as they really complemented her complexion, and then big red lips too :)

Next I did Helene's makeup - she had such a fab colouring, so we figured green would look great on her, so we did her a really big and fun green smokey eye with again - the red lips! :) Then Sandra got to work on that INCREDIBLE BOUFFANT! That beehive was gravity defying!

This dog was sooooooooo cute! He was trotting about with his hoody on! :)

Next I prepped and did the base on Nina's skin, ready for Sandra to whip out her amazing skills for an amazing pin up look, by far my favourite of the day. Nina was so fun to work with, and let me use her Nikon camera, she has it as she loves photography, and my goodness, that camera was incredible! I'd love one! Here's some snaps of her having her makeup done and on shoot. The styling for the shoot was lingerie, some pretty expensive stuff too - £43 for a bra! But it was all beautiful, and amazing quality.

Look at Nina working it! She looks so much like Scarlett on here!

Sandra and Nina post makeup and hair. Sandra was INCREDIBLE at hair too! Is there no end to this womans talents?!

And finally some shots of Sandra and me post makeup. I was worn out - a 7am start on a Sunday morning wasn't too great! But the adrenaline and buzz I get during the shoot just keeps me going. It's such a wonderful feeling - I love how certain people just have something that makes their heart sing. For example today, as soon as Nina began talking about photography she just lit up, you could tell it was her passion. It's so fun learning what different peoples secret love is!

After makeup Sandra and I travelled further underground to where they were shooting to have a look at our work in action. And my lord, the photographer was out of this world. I got a glimpse of the shots - and I've honestly never seen such incredible stuff. I couldn't believe that I'd had the chance to work with him. His name's Kayhan, here's his website,
Check out his wedding stuff - the fact he charges a minimum of £1000 really indicates what an incredible talent he is, but honestly, his website really doesn't do his justice.

Fingers crossed I'll get to work with these geniouses again - as well as being brimming with talent they are the most wonderful kind people.

All the best,
Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend too,


PS Dan, bless his soul, had a cup of tea waiting for me when I got back! He's the sweetest thing!

Here's a nice old fashioned phone in keeping with the pin up theme!

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