Friday, 31 December 2010

Avon Lipstix - A fab find!

Hello mince pies!

So today on a spur of the moment I decided to try out something I came across on my dressing table while I was at home over Christmas. My lovely Mom is an Avon representative and always gets free bits and bobs or stuff on the cheap, so when I found this Avon Colortrend 'Lipstix' on my dressing table I just figured she'd got it and didn't like it, so popped it in my makeup bag and brought it back up to Scotland! Coincidentally, while I was doing my friend Jades makeup - she mentioned how she loves them! So I tried the one I have today, in shade 'Deluxe' and I really really like it! I never wear shades like this, despite it being on trend to have berry lips, I've just never fancied trying it! But lo and behold, I love it! I think it'd look loads better if I had a really nice smokey eye rather than the more nude look I have today - but even so I instantly feel loads more done up - I'll definitely be wearing this more often! Another huge plus point is that it's super soft and moisturising, and the colours very intense - plus the shape of the end means lip liner isn't too necessary, as you can be very precise :) I hope my Mom gets some more of these!
This little find has inspired me to try out more of the stuff shoved to the back of my makeup cupboard, and all you guys should too!
Here I am with it on in all its glory! - 'Avon ColorTren Lipstix in shade Deluxe'

Happy New Year guys!

Emily xoxo


  1. Looks really nice.XXX

  2. does it stay for a while or rub off easily? xx

  3. Yep it does and leaves a nice stain! It definitely stays on longer than normal lipstick, it's lovely :-)


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