Monday, 13 December 2010

New Years Resolutions

Hey lovelies,
Today I've been in a really reflective mood, and therefore have decided to write my hopes and wishes for next year.

1. To further my career as a makeup artist. I want to network like crazy, and increase my reputation. I'd like to really push it to the maximum, with beautiful business cards, my own call lists (wish is pretty well developed already - eek!), a great kit, and to work with some of the best in the trade.

2. To channel my creativity in all areas of my life. I'd love to create wonderful cooking creations, dress just how I like, have fun different makeup every day, try a rainbow of hair shades, to write and draw and paint, to create beautiful homemade presents for people I know, to pursue photography more, to decorate my home beautifully...

i love everything about this picture

3. To complete my BTEC in Makeup Art to the best of my ability. This will be so much fun!

4. To, fingers crossed, save up for a get a Macbook and a Nikon D90.
* I LOVE this case! *

5. To make Dan know how special he is to me. He's such a wonderful person - he deserves to be told every day.

6. To loose a little weight. I'm over what my healthy body weight would be for my height, so just want to get to the stage where I'm a healthy size. It'd make me feel so confident and beautiful and hopefully decrease my number of sad fat days haha! However, I love food so much that the only way I'll do it is through exercise, so off to the gym I'll go. Although Kandee Johnson did recommend Hemp shakes to have in the morning, and they sound super tasty, so I guess swapping a meal for a shake a day would be fine :)

7. I'd love a creative space - somewhere where I can cover the walls in inspirational stuff, have paint everywhere, lip sticks all over the place, fairy lights, books.... :)

What are you guys New Years wishes and dreams?


Emily xoxo

PS So today I had so much work to do, a lab report, a statistics report and to revise for a test at the end of the week, but instead I've just decided to draw. It's been so much fun and so cleansing for my heart! Here's what I did...

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