Friday, 10 December 2010

presents for me! and girly hair!

Hello :)

So today me and Dan put our Christmas decorations up! As we're on a very tight budget, our decorations do look slightly ridiculous but still lovely haha - for example our £10 tree with no baubles and one tinsel strand, or our red glittery christmas twigs in a vase five times too big haha - but lovely all the same :) We put all the decorations up while listening to a Christmas playlist on youtube, it was so cute! :) :) :)

A while back I had one of this daft bling phone covers for my Blackberry, but it broke off and after failed attempts to glue it to my phone, my dear Betty Blackberry has been naked for too long! It's wintertime, she is cold, and therefore I feel needs a new case! So after hunting down eBay and not being satisfied, I found this wonderful website... they do personalised phone covers for a not bad price! I've emailed them for a quote, so fingers crossed Betty will be beautifully clothed sometime soon!

♥ Glam Chic ♥

I've been wanting to dye my hair either pink or lilac for ages, and finally got the courage to do it today (well, to order the dye). I dyed my hair a reddy colour, like this...

It was the most far out I've ever gone with hair dye before (apart from an unmentionable time when I was in Y7 and dyed my hair reddy/pink and fainted with shock haha - I really did not work it ha), and I loved being able to adapt my clothes and makeup to my hair! So pink will be so much fun to work with! After much deliberation, I ordered a bleaching kit thing to strip the colour out of my hair first, and then chose 'Carnation Pink' as the colour to dye, it helped after seeing inspiration from this picture... doesn't she look amazing! I hope I work it like that haha.

I'm so excited! :) :)
But nervous to bleach my hair! Will the bleach completely strip the colour out? So my entire head of hair will be basically colourless until my brown grows back through? That'll take foreverrrr, so guess I'll have to continue dyeing it for a while - but I'm young I guess! I really wana try lilac dip dye on the ends :) That'll be my next hair mission.
Wish me luck!

Also, a few things to add to the Chrimbo list..
Firstly the Bobbi Brown Universal Palette

And next, these gold Bordello Teeze Shoes - or should I get them in pink to match my new hair?
Here's the site if you fancy them...

I can't believe I didn't mention this first! I have my first EVER paid makeup job on Sunday! It's with a really famous makeup artist in my area, she's even worked on London Fashion Show!
Here's her site...
We're doing 1950s style makeup in an old war bunker! :) Can't wait! Even though I have to be there at 8am aargh, I'm really not a morning person, but I'm going to have to be on Sunday! I'll keep you guys posted how it goes! :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone


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