Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Favourite Blogs

Hello lovely ladies and gents,

I am addicted to blogging, discovering new blogs and stalking the blog writers haha my favourite blogs are very makeup orientated, so enjoy! Let me know if you have any favourite blogs, so I can check them out :)

First off is Kandee Johnsons blog - she's a youtube makeup guru and blogger, and her stuff is always so fun and heartwarming to read. The makeup posts have slowed a little now she's pregnant and about to pop, but go back in time on her blog and check out her top tips!

Next up is a friend of mines blog on tumblr. She is so beautiful and does her makeup and hair impeccably everyday, and she works at MAC! Her blog is always full of beautiful inspirational stuff...

Another blog, which I've only just discovered today and completely fell in love with is by a girl called Hermione, the stuff she posts is all so pink glittery and beautiful!

Next up is Samii La'Mortes blog. She is so beautiful, inside and out, and so inspirational! Her posts about what she's been up to, her thoughts and views, and lovely pictures of herself and her man are so fun to read, and really inspire me.

I love love love everything about Kelly Eden, she is just so gorgeous, a true style and beauty inspiration. She also is so lovely and kind, and always answers her followers questions so nicely - unlike some how just brush them off meanly - it just is a testament to her character of how lovely she is :)

I've just noticed basically all the blogs I love, the people that write them have pink hair!
I love PINK!

Pink hair and loves,

Emily xoxo

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