Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Presents Presents Presents!

Hello my pear drops!

I've been so ill since Christmas - sore throat, snotty nose, dry skin - just that general grotty gross feeling! So after having the hugest lie in EVER (till 2pm!) I have decided that it's time to get 2011's makeup adventures on the road! I've been meaning to do loads of character and special effects work for my portfolio, so a good few hours spent on eBay has led to the abolishment of my Christmas money, but the addition of loads of fun wigs to my collection!
I'm mainly inspired by Kandee Johnson for the character looks - she does fun character makeup like no other!
Wigs are usually so expensive in fancy dress shops, but I managed to get all these beauties for £20! :) I'm so excited for themselves to wing their way to my postbox! I'm fancying the long silver wig to go with Lady Gaga makeup - and can't wait to do Japanese style makeup too with the geisha wig! :) It should be fun making Dan up as a clown aswell! :)

I've also bought a few other bits and bobs that I've been meaning to get for a while;
A large size zebra Z Palette, a bottle of Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitiser, palette knives, eyebrow/nose wax, NYX lipsticks, NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils, Stars Makeup Haven Eyeshadow Refil Pans, Yaby eyeshadow refil pans, Sugarpill eyeshadow, NYX Lipglosses, OCC Lip Tars, NYX Pigments, Lime Crime Lipstick... Aaah so much stuff winging its way to me in the post! I went slightly mad on :) it's so addictive! Can't wait for my package to come through :)
I got so many wonderous Christmas presents too that I can't wait to tell you all about like a Crown Master Brush Set, Yaby Palette, MAC lipsticks and eyeshadows... I'm officially the most spoilt girl in the world!
I love makeup so much and can't wait to try out all this new stuff! I find it so odd how some people confine themselves to one make up brand, or with clothes to just one shop - there's so much fun to be had out there! So many cute and amazing things to discover!
I'll keep you guys posted on the makeup looks I did - quite simply CAN'T WAIT! :)
Happy holidays everyone,

Emily xoxo

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