Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Fave Songs of 2010

Hello guys and dolls,

In another farewell post to 2010, I thought I'd do a nice list for you all of my favourite musical tunes that graced my ears in 2010! What are yours?

First up is Rihanna and Eminem with 'love the way you lie', not only do I love this song oh soooooo much, but it had the most super hot video EVER with hot momma Megan Fox in it! This song reminds me so much of spending summer at home and warm nights in the pub with Dans family and us all singing along to this - aaah memories! :)

Another Rihanna tune hot on my 2010 list is 'Only Girl in the World' as well as 'What's My Name' - she's done herself proud this year and done some incredible music. As well as this she looks pretty darn incredible in all her videos - pulls off super sexy hair, makeup and styling, and is basically guaranteed to get to No.1! I love everything about her! :)
PS The Louboutins she's got in the shoot below are BEAUTIFUL! :) I loved her interview in Marie Claire - check it out, it'll make you love her even more!

Another artist worthy of a huge cheese factor rating is Jay Sean - his album may have graced the charts in 2009 but I only discovered it at the start of this year, and it's been a constant hit on my itunes since - my favourites on there are definitely 'Down' and 'Do You Remember' - haha cheesey!

Next up is a song most of you guys might not have heard as it's pretty underground on the grime scene in the UK - and as from my 'Blog Stats' it says I've had people looking for America, Slovenia, Australia... I'm guessing you guys won't have heard of Tempa T and JME - you should try them out though! Check out there song 'CD is Dead' as well as Tempa T's song 'Next Hype' - you'll either love them or hate them - but I'm a firm lover!

Next on my 2010 hitlist is Roll Deep with 'Green Light', a clubby tune with grimey roots - again not for all you guys out there but it'll certainly get your feet-a-moving on the dancefloor!

Another one to add to my cheese factor list is JLS with 'Love You More' - this song is sooo sweet and just melts your heart! It was initially the song for Children In Need, and it just matches the charity perfectly. Lovely stuff :)

And finally on my list of hot musical melodies are some tunes I am almost 100% sure you misters and missises won't have heard - Niche! :) The music is VERY bassy, and originated in my lovely hometown of Sheffield. I spent all my childhood listening to this stuff, and once I was 18 went to the Niche Nightclub in town, often dancing the night away to this music in the early hours of the morning :) This stuff will always hold a place in my heart as the music of my childhood - so have a listen and see what you think!

There's a big selection of Niche for you there - enjoy! If you like it, come to Sheffield RIGHT NOW and we can go out and dance to thisssssssss! :)

Off back to Sheffield from Scotland today for Christmas - hope the snow doesn't affect mine and Dans trip too much, can't wait to see my family and my bunnies and my friends! :)
Wish me luck!

Big snowflakes,


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