Thursday, 9 December 2010

another shoot and saying bye to 2010 :(

Hello everyone,
Hope you're all still enjoying all the snow and noones too bruised from tripping up! Luckily I haven't fell over yet *touch wood*, and have got a lovely pairs of winter boots winging their way to me to prevent falling at all in this chilly weather! They're taking forever to come - guess Mr Postman is all snowed in too ..

these are the boots i've ordered! :)

This week I've done makeup for two shoots, the one I wrote about in my last blog, and another one yesterday. This was again for a magazine called 'The Tribe' and was such fun! The model was so lovely - she was on Irelands Next Top Model! Her name was Sadhbh - what a cool Irish name! I did her a pretty plain natural face, and then black lips, and it suited her so well! She then wore a dress made from newspaper! And then, bless her soul, went out in the freezing cold snow in this dress and posed, and changed to another outfit - in broad daylight! She was amazing, and no task the photography team asked her to do was too big - she even stood on the pier with the cold sea wind blowing her, in only a newspaper dress and heels, with the snow all around her! A true trooper!
I love the buzz I get after doing makeup for people - I just feel all glowy inside, I'm so glad I have something that I have a real passion for, cos uni is getting such a drag at the minute!
This week, as it's nearing the end of 2010, I've started to think about the past year I've had. I met Dan, got diagnosed with a mental illness, met Hayley who's now a best friend, hit rock bottom, started studying make up artistry, moved in with Dan (and out of a house with my old best friends), and did makeup on photoshoots, went to court with Dan, met Kandee Johnson and went to her Glaminars. Most of the things that have happened this year have been amazing, and I'm so glad and lucky they've happened, but there has been such downers too - the mental illness especially.
But overall, I've had an amazing year - I've met Dan, he's incredible :) I've found a true passion in makeup artistry - it's constantly on my mind! And I live alone with Danny, and it's so much fun - he's the best, and my New Year's wish will be that I can be with him forever :)

We'll see what 2011 brings!

Hope your 2010s have brought you nothing but happiness!


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