Saturday, 18 December 2010

Dans Work Do.. :)

Hello lovelies!

Today/tonight I'm off out with Dan for his work meal - scary! Noone else is bringing their partners apart from me, so I hope I fit in OK! To calm my nerves I've done my makeup extra early, so thought I'd take a snap to show you guys! Seen as it's Chrimbo I thought I'd go for a fun glittery smokey eye - it can never fail! Not sure what to wear yet though.. aargh! :)
I'm heading there early to do his secret santa for him (Dan forgot to buy a present!) - I have to get this guy something even though I've never met him before! Also going to buy some more bleaching kits and hair treatments and disposable gloves ready for tomorrows dyeing adventure..
Hope you guys have a lovely Saturday night,

Emily xoxo

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