Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Top 10 Products of 2010

Hello my lovely blog readers!
As 2010 draws to a close, I'd like to tell all you guys about what products I have discovered and fell in love with in the past year. So these are my top 10 favourites of the past year, enjoy!

1. MAC Lipstick in Myth

This lipstick is probably MACs top selling lippie, and boy did I find out why! Loads of girls love the concealed mouth look - it's very 60's style when done with a smokey eye, big lashes and big hair (my favourite look!), and there's no other lippie on the market that can make your lips look such a lovely nude beige shade like this! It's really a lovely product, something I'd be lost without! Where it with Cremesheen Lipgloss in Boy Bait for a shiny and glossy nude mouth :) Lovely!

2. Avon Kids Detangling Spray and Avon Banana and Coconut Cream

So yes, these are two products, but they do the same thing so they can count as one :)
I have such long thick hair that is oh so dry, so it's really difficult to maintain and keep lugs at bay. However, I have discovered these two miracle products from Avon! I pop a good splodge of the banana and coconut milk detangling cream onto my hands and rub it through my hair when it's towel dried, it means that my hair stays fairly lug free! And right before I wash my hair I really brush it through, and the Avon kids detangling spray helps me get any pesky lugs away. And these two products smell delicious! I strongly recommend them to anyone that has problems with big bad lugs and knots!

3. Loreal True Match Foundation
I know I harp on about this stuff all the time - but by gosh, I love it! After working with other makeup artists on shoots, I've recommended it to them, and they've got back to me thanking me and saying they're over the moon with it! Honestly, it is brilliant - it really doesn't get the hype it deserves! It cancels out the need for concealer, as it has great coverage that ensures that all those pesky red, blue, green or purpley marks will be gone, just with the foundation! It can be worn to give a glowy finish if you exclude powder, or as a matte foundation if you pop some powder over - it's just honestly a wonder product, and I'm so glad I found it! :)

4. Loreal Double Extension Mascara
This mascara is a MIRACLE WORKER! Honestly, it beggars belief how it works! I love trying out new mascaras, but this one has curbed my mascara testing addiction! There's no need for me to try out new ones, cos I've found the MASCARA KING! It makes my lashes so long, so beautifully black and un spidery, aaaah I love it! Go out and BUY IT NOW! :) No eyelash should be without it!

5. Soap & Glory Wish Upon A Jar Wonder Cream
Oh my goodness, this stuff is fabulicious! It smells wonderful, is so moisturising, lasts forever, is a perfect base for under foundation, helps facial eczema,... It is AMAZING! I have the most sensitive skin in the history of time - just on my face I have dry skin, eczema, oily skin, spots, normal bits, red skin - everything you can think of is problematic on my face - and this little beauty helps counteract all these things! It's wonderful, I honestly would never want any other moisture cream. I pop some on at night if my skins a bit dry, before I put foundation on, I even popped it on my boyfriend Dans skin when he said his skin was feeling a little dry, it is a wonder product! And the packaging is beautiful too! Lovely!

6. MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural
I used to be a big fan of matte skin until I discovered this wonderous product! It gives you the most beautiful healthy glow - you look like you eat 50 pieces of fruit a day and drink 30 bottles of water - you just look so flawless and hot! And depending on what look you're going for, you can apply it in different ways. You can dust it on with a big powder brush, so it just gives a healthy hint of a tint, or use a sponge and pat it on a little thicker for extra coverage and super sunkissed glow! I'd never be without this pot of wonders, and in the new year I intend to invest in the other shades so I can add them to my freelance kit! :)

7. MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack and the 210 brush

I have long been a lover of the Marilyn Monroe style cat eye eyeliner, and for about 6 years now I've been sporting it in all sorts of ways! I started out with just a black kohl pencil, developed onto Barry Ms liquid liners, and now I have reached the pinnacle of liners - MAC's fluidline! It makes life so much easier! It's so easy to apply, has a very strong black colour, and stays on all day, with no smudging or loss of the intensity of the black colour! With the 210 brush you can achieve a super thin flick, or press on a little harder, and get a thick flick for a super night time look! :)

8. MAC 266 angle brush and MAC eyeshadow in Mystery

I suffer from a pretty nasty type of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder called Trichotillomania, which means I sometimes consciously, sometimes without realising, pull my hairs out. Some people do it on their head, their leg hairs - it changes between a person on which part of the body hair they pull. With me it is my lashes and brows :( However, my lack of brows means I get to have lots of different coloured brows, different shapes - anything I fancy! When I was younger I used cheap £1 pencils from places like Superdrug, but they rubbed off after about an hour, looked unnatural, and left me in despair! One day I stumbled into MAC, all embarrassed and shy, and actually quite depressed with my problem, and this lovely lady just whisked me onto a chair and got to work, and before I knew it my face was framed in a way I'd never seen before, I almost cried with happiness! Ever since, I've not gone anywhere without my little brow duo - the MAC mystery eyeshadow and the 266 brush, and they have honestly made my OCD a million times easier to deal with! Even if you have all your brows, try filling them in or changing their shape a little and just see how much your face changes!

9. elf Cool Bronzer
Here's another product I harp on about constantly on my blog or at shoots! It is fabulicious! The white can be used as highlight as it's not too pigmented, the browns are wonderful bronzers / contouring blushers, and the pink is the most perfect shade of blusher ever to be made in the history of time, and all that for £3.50. I love this product so much, and as soon as I hit pan will be investing in a thousand more, wonderful :)

10. Urban Decay Primer Potion

I might be being predictable here adding the old classic to my list of products - but it is amazing! It makes shadow last FOREVER! And the colour stays to luminous and wonderful! You only need a tiny amount of the potion too to ensure long lasting colour - brilliant! :) A product I wouldn't live a day without :)

So that's my Top 10 of 2010 :) What are yours? I can't wait for 2011 to find my favourites of that year!! I wonder what amazing products will be brought out in the coming year....

Happy 2010,

Emily xoxo

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