Tuesday, 14 December 2010

nail varnish and pheasant dissection

Hello lovelies,
I've been lusting after this nail polish for agesssssssss! It's Rimmel 60 Seconds polish in Rose Libertine, #405. The colour is such a cute vintage pink, and every time I've been in Boots or Superdrug I've always nosied at it, but the other day I finally decided to get it!
I was so excited, so right after I'd hopped out the shower I popped it on my nails - and it looked so lovely! The brush is super thick and much easier to use than a normal nail varnish brush - much less chance of mistakes! I managed to do my right hand with my left (which usually ends in disaster) with no pink dribble down the sides of my fingers haha, instead they looked great! I did two layers of polish, then a clear layer over the top.
The colour was so bright and glossy and lovely - and the polish did dry in 60 seconds, if not faster! However, within 24 hours, all my nails were chipped :( and quite badly chipped at that - I'm gutted! After all this lusting after the polish, I finally get it and it's no good!
Never mind, eh. But I really don't recommend it - unless you're having one beautiful night out - cos it looked fab while it lasted :D

Meanwhile, in the world of my marine biology degree, I dissected a pheasant! Now usually I abseloutely hate dissections, but I'm gradually coping to deal with them cos it's important I do if I want to pass my degree. So there's me thinking we're just noseying at a birds wing, but no, it's the entire bird just laid out on a wooden slab! My heart was beating very fast when I saw that! However the leader of the lab told us that the bird's hadn't died for us, they were dead anyway - as hunters up in Scotland just do it for sport, and the uni had just bought these birds off those hunters, which I was glad to hear, if I'd have known that bird had died for me I'd have felt awful :( My lab partner, Kathryn, loves dissection and Zoology, and she's so helpful! I'm so lucky to be sat next to her cos she really puts me at ease, and she's soooooooooooooooo clever! She really inspires me to work hard!
I have a lab report to get done tonight, a test tomorrow and then another report thing to do too, but then it'll all be over (kind of haha, I still have exams to revise for)!

Anyway off to get this stuff done,
Have a lovely evening everyone,

Emily xoxo

Kathryn and our poor pheasant pre dissection!

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