Thursday, 9 December 2010

false eyelashes!

Since Sunday night (it's now Thursday) I've had false lashes on, now from any falsies I'd kinda hope they'd last this long anyway, and be reusable too.. but these ones are fab as I got them all for a pound! That's it a quid! £1, one golden pound haha! They're from Home Bargains - it's a discount shop in England but I think you can get them from the website 'Fragrance Direct'. I've had the second from bottom ones on and they look super cute and elongate the eyes in a Marilyn Monroe esque style - lovely!
The only thing I will say is that they don't come with glue (which I wouldn't have used any way). I've tried loads of glues, but now I'm firmly addicted to DUO lash adhesive. You can get this from MAC for £8, but I've seen other odd places and sites do it cheaper. It's amazing, doesn't dry hard so you don't get that awful painful removal, it's not stringy or too sticky - it just does the job perfectly! Now admittedly I've had to glue the end bits of the lashes back down a couple of times, but I'd expect that from any lashes anyway!

I strongly strongly recommend DUO - it's made these cheapy lashes look super expensive and last super long, and I wouldn't trust any other eyelash glue - you need something you really trust around your delicate peepers! And around clients eyes too.

False lash love,

Emily xoxo

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