Saturday, 11 December 2010

that put me in my place

So remember those Dr Martens I ordered what seemed like forever ago? Well according to UPS, they tried to deliver them yesterday and left me a note, and I'm 100% sure they didn't, as me and Dan were in all day, and they didn't leave a note either. Plus we would have heard the door, cos you know when you know that a parcel's coming, your ear is always kinda waiting for that noise? Like you're always alerted for it?? Well I've been like that for a week now! haha So anyway, when I got an email from Schuh and UPS being like 'we tried to deliver your shoes but you weren't in', it kinda got me mad! I've been waiting so long for them, and then for them to blatantly lie got me cross! So I was all fired up ready to ring them up and argue with them, but then Dan (he's at work) messaged me to let me know the road we usually use has been closed, because there's been an accident, and someone's died. The accident was about 5 minutes from my house, if that, and one guy has died, another is critically injured. All of a sudden life was put back in perspective for me, who cares about the shoes, I have some already to wear, and I have life! I felt like such a spoilt brat.
I've experienced what a road traffic accident can do to a family, my lovely cousin Nick died last year, he was only 18 - and it's ripped my family apart. We all try and do his memory justice by being happy that we could know him, but at the same time it's just so devastating. My heart goes out to the family that have lost their son today.
And if anyone's feeling generous this Christmas, my Aunty set up this memorial fund for my cousin, donate kindly if you can, as what this charity does is incredible.

Have a lovely day - and remember what's most important in life,


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