Monday, 6 December 2010

christmas party photoshoot!

Hello everyone :)
Today I did makeup for a photoshoot based all around fun party makeup for the festive season, it was so glittery and exciting, it made me want to get my glad rags on and drink eggnogg and share presents!
The girl I did makeup on, Rosie, was sooooooooooooooooooo lovely and had the most AMAZING skin I've seen on any model so far - I asked her her magic trick - and she uses Cliniques 3 Step System, and has done since forever, she said she used to have sensitive skin but the magicness of Clinique has sorted it out!
I know the 3 step system is expensive, but I would have tried a whole finger for skin like that hahaha! I MUST try it soon!
So on her lovely soft beautifully smooth skin, I popped her some foundation on and powder - she needed hardly any! and some pinky blush and contoured a little and got to work on her big lovely peepers!
I used only the Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume 3, partly because Rosie said she was really thinking about buying it so I wanted to show it off to her, partly because I am writing the product list for the magazine the photoshoot pictures will be featured in so I wanted just one product for readers to get their paws on, but mainly because it's AMAZING! My beautiful Moma got this for me in Summer, and my how I have loved and cherished it since :)
So from the palette, the colours I used were...
'Midnight Cowboy Rides Again'
'Last Call'
'Rock Star'
and 'Psychedelic Sister'
My - that's a lot more than I thought I'd used! haha but as I'm working I just sort of pop shadow where I think it'll look best and match colours up and blend and shade.. :)
I've done a tick on the colours I used :)

She looked so lovely at the end and I was so proud :) She had tutorial after the shoot - I sure hope she kept the makeup on haha - even these glitter lashes I popped on for her!
Note this isn't Rosies eye - she had big beautiful brown peepers! :)

I had so much fun doing the shoot, and it was great to work with Ben Goulter - a photographer from this area, and see him work his magic. His kit was incredible and he was truly a master at what he did. I can't WAIT to see the photos, and hopefully there'll be published in 'The Tribe' magazine too :D
I'll keep you posted on them!

Glitter Christmas makeup,


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