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Beauty Products I'm Loving in 2011! :)

Hello petals!
Happy New Year - I wish each and every one of you all the happiness, joy and smiles in the world for 2011. Only bring the stuff that you love and that adds to your life into 2011 - leave the badness behind back where it belongs, in 2010 and in the past!
I have brought some very lovely new found makeup loves with me into 2011, which were mainly gifts from Christmas, are presents to myself with my Christmas money - and you guys sure should check them out!
First off, I'm LOVING the Yaby Best of Both Worlds Eye Palette. I'd heard so much about these and how they were so amazing, brilliant, wonderful... so when they became available on I couldn't resist popping them on my Christmas list! I was so excited when my dear Momma actually got me one!!! :D At first it was a shock as it is SO small, and the price is SO big! I kinda wanted to send it back and get my Mom a refund, cos it was £80!!! However, we decided that was too much hassle, so I should try it out! The packaging is really nice, it's around A5 size, so super small, but has a hard white case that's wipeable and looks pretty waterproof. Inside there's 40 little eyeshadows, and a huge super handy mirror. Upon first look I thought the majority of the colours looked kinda unwearable for everyday, but actually in the small time I've been using the palette, I've used LOADS of them! The cream pale one on the top row is INCREDIBLE and is my favourite highlight colour EVER, I don't think I'll ever do my eyeshadow without this again! The colours in the bottom left corner are super pearly frosty and looked so fab at Christmas - suprisingly an orangey pale shadow seems to work really well with my pink hair! - I bet it'd look even hotter on brunettes too! There are so many colour combinations in this palette that I'm itching to use - and there's even a neutral brown coloumn down the middle - just screaming wedding at me!
The actually shadows are the most pigmented eyeshadows I've ever used in my whole life, I was actually taken aback by them as they're that good! You literally don't even have to move your brush in them - you just tap it onto the shadow once and you have enough shadow for your whole lid - it's incredible!
It's so handy and small and has such a huge array of colours that if I ever travel it'll most likely be the only palette I take - and the mirror is perfect for en route touch ups! I love love love this! Thank you so much Mom for spoiling me and getting me this!
Look at this and other Yaby stuff here;

The next thing I'm loving is another gift from my lovely Mom - it's MAC eyeshadow in shade 'Vanilla'. It's such a beautiful pale peachy gold that it is just beyond words. For a soft natural look I'd just sweep this across the lids and be more than happy to have no other eyeshadows on - it's that pretty that it just holds its own! I love how the pale iridesence means it can be used as a brow or inner eye highlight, or can be used to brighten up a smokey eye. You could even use it on your cupids bow to accentuate your lips! It's such a lovely colour, and definitely one of my MAC favourites.

My lovely kind Mom also got me MAC lipstick in Snob, which I've been lusting after for a while now. Usually I'm a bit wary of bright lipsticks and have been very boring and stuck to really plain nude colours like Myth - however, my pink hair has unleashed my love for wild lipstick shades! So I have been trying loads of colours out, lilacs, fuschias, deep burgundies, reds... and I love my new found lipstick colour freedom! But my favourite from these is 'Snob' by MAC, it's not as daring as some of the other colours I've been wearing, but it sure is beautiful! Especially when teamed with pink gloss :)

Now, something I bought myself from House of Fraser. I've been meaning to try out mineral makeup eyeshadows for a while - you know the loose pigment kind, but they've always been so pricey and I've had the colours on offer in normal eyeshadows, so I've never bought any. That's until I was in House of Fraser with my Mom doing some Christmas Sales shopping on Boxing Day when I saw BelleaPierre's mineral eyeshadow offerings. They took me aback as they're just so beautiful! A quick swatch on my hand, and I was in love. They are so pigmented, and have a beautiful sparkle that is not a daft teenage style glitter, but more a sophisticated glow! I love them SO much! And the lady on the counter told me I could choose four shades, and get two brushes, all for £25! :) I've been wanting to create yellowy gold eyes for while now but not had the correct colours to do it how I imagined, so for my four shades I went for goldy yellow colours, and then a beautiful pale highlight shade too - the shades were 'Champagne' 'Twilight' 'Coral Reef' and 'Golden Brown' (pictures below are in order to match the shades) :) The two brushes I got for free were brilliant as well! Love them! :)

Finally on my love list is what my lovely boyfriend bought me as a treat! It's Hugo Boss's new perfume for women called 'Boss Orange' - it smells delicious, so sweet and sugary! Good enough to eat! The bottle is beautiful and will look great on my dressing table! :) I love this scent so much :) :)

What are your new beauty finds?
Perfume spritzs,

Emily xoxo

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