Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Fancy Dress and Craft Haul

Hello my crafters!

So I've recently increased my fancy dress and craft boxes by about tenfold ready for some fun costume makeup looks! I bought pretty much all the stuff from charity shops, and the craft stuff from Rymans - where the cashier gave me 20% off for being nice!! :D
So I thought I'd show you what I've got in my collection, and then maybe you'll be inspired to try out some fun fancy dress! Do tell me if you do! :D

Here's my huge box full to the brim with wigs! Can't wait to do costume makeup with them :D

Here's a few little bits and bobs I grabbed from post Christmas sales for like £1 each, or from charity shops!

Now for all the crafty bits! This pile makes me feel so inspired! :D I feel like a little kid again! In it you can see a tiara - I got this for £3 from a charity shop and it's so pretty!

Yey - Girls Aloud false lashes were between 2 and 3 pounds from New Look! A great excuse to stock up. I also got a big tub of PVA to make papier mache stuff with - and that little sequin butterfly in the bottom of the picture was £1 from H&M in their sale! It's so cute!

I got these bags of sequins for 79p each from eBay. They're so pretty and sparkle so much - I'm going to use them for the mermaid look I have planned, and for when I dress up as a fairy :)

I just had to take a picture of this beautiful fabric! I am doing a Jasmine style/Indian/Arabic/Pakistani wedding makeup style - and after seeing this full outfit in a charity shop for £6 I couldn't resist! I can't stop looking at it! It's so pretty and such a beautiful colour, with the most wonderful silver embellishments! :)

Here's a shawl type throw that's made so beautifully, I again bought it from a charity shop specifically for my Cleopatra/Egyptian themed costume makeup look :) It's so pretty! And just what I was looking for :D

This was my ultimate find of the day - a lace brolley! It's SO beautiful - I'm going to use it for Victorian/Marie Antoinette style makeup and hair BUT it's just such a wonderful piece! I can just imagine a little girl holding it in a field full of flowers - it will definitely have a place in my little girls nursery one day! :) And again - another charity shop find!

Moving on with my crafts - I bought some clay from Rymans to make moulds to make prosthetics, and I got started on my prosthetic mission last night by making Avatar ears and a face cast with a super thick nose - perfect for an Avatar look, or even for a cat! When the clay's dry, I'll apply liquid latex over them and let that dry, and when you peel it off you get a flexible balloon textured material that can be attached to the models face with spirit gum or eyelash glue - and you can paint it any colour you like! Also, you can use the clay casts again and again - so I can make 100 Avatar ears if I'd like! Here you can see them drying on a tray covered in cling film :)

From WHSmith I got these books about Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. I'm fascinated by iconic women - I just find it so interesting to think about what is different about them to make them so iconic. I especially love the older generation icons, like these two ladies, so can't wait to read more about them and look at the pictures and analyse their makeup! You get 6 free postcards with each book, and I'm going to use the postcards in my makeup scrapbook as inspiration for such styles! :)

I hope I've inspired you to get crafty and have fun with makeup and costumes!
I can't wait to get started on all this, and fingers crossed they'll be loads of fancy dress parties this year! I can't wait to have little kiddy winks that I can dress up and have loads of fun crafting with! :)

Glitter and glue,

Emily xoxo

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