Monday, 24 January 2011

Pink Glittery Presents!

Hello sweeties,

So after my online shopping mania a few weeks ago my presents (to myself hahaha) have finally started to get delivered by my postman! :) Excitement! I thought I'd share some of the fabulous fun-ness with you! :)

Firstly, I ordered FaceOn Magazine, which is a makeup artistry magazine, that honestly left me speechless when I received it! It's packed full of the most incredible makeup techniques, insider info, artist interviews and inspirational pictures, I fell in love with this magazine and have devoured every word and image pixel of it! I can't wait for the next issue to come through my door! :)

Next, all the way from America is this lovely 'Barbie' necklace.. after seeing Nicki Minaj styling out this necklace I could not resist grabbing one for myself! I would have never had the confidence to wear this sort of stuff, but since I've gone the whole hog with pink hair I just think 'why not?' when it comes to clothes and accessories - I'm starting to wear stuff that I want to wear, not just to blend into the background, and I love it! :)

Next I got these fairy wings, which are soo beautiful! They're from a fancy dress shop based in Blackpool, and although pricey at £14, I feel they're worth it, as they're the sort of thing that really wow people and you never usually see. They were initially bought for a night out with the girlies all dressed as fairies, but as they're so huge and beautiful, (and cos they make it awkward getting in and out of doors!), I'm considering not wearing them.. however, when else would I wear them? So maybe I should just bite the bullet haha! :)

I was on Vogues website noseying at makeup techniques and their beauty pictures when I saw a deal, £20 for 6 months subscription, and a free bottle of Juicy Couture perfume! I couldn't believe my eyes, I've wanted both for ages, so it was brilliant to get them at this price! My perfume came on Friday, and I haven't opened it yet - it looks to pretty! But can't wait to spritz some on myself :)

Another makeup artist I've wanted since the start of time (well, maybe not that long!) is Beauty So Cleans Cosmetic Sanitiser spray. I got this from Guru Makeup Emporium, who have the best customer service EVER! :) I have yet to use this little item either, but it's great to know all I need to carry around is this bottle to ensure all my products are super hygienic and clean :)

Hope you guys have had lots of presents during the January blues!

Emily xoxo

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