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Favourite Makeup Books

Hello cupcakes!

After my favourite makeup artist posts on tumblr I received a lovely comment from Amy, with tumblr; who asked me to recommend more makeup artistry research sites, books etc - and what a wonderful idea! :D I've had fun thinking about my favourite makeup books so here goes..

First up 'Makeup is Art' by Lan Nguyen (an INCREDIBLE makeup artist) and AOFM (the Academy of Freelance Makeup - an amazing place to study makeup based in London). I have the second edition, but would love to get my hands on the first too. As you can see from the front cover below, the makeup is out of this world, a true work of art. The rest of the book doesn't disappoint either, it's full of awe inspiring images that just take your breath away. Now I must admit I've only scanned bits of the text - the information seemed quite useful but not such a necessity that I've read it, so I can't judge that too much, however, the images are worth buying the book in itself. Every time I pick it up ideas overflow in my mind of things I'd like to do! A must for any makeup artist! Even for anyone just interested in art - it is worthy of the name makeup art.

Next, I really love Alex Box's book. She is the creative director of Illamasqua - and when looking through this you'll see why. Her makeup skills are beyond my wildest imagination, I can only hope to be as good as her in twenty years! As you look through the book it shows developments through the creative process on a face, and how she adds various mediums - sometimes things like shaving foam! to create the most beautiful image. I strongly recommend this book! It has no images of typical beauty or wedding makeup - nothing 'normal' - just crazy out-there makeup that is breathtaking!

The next book is Bobbi Browns Makeup Manual. Now it has to be said, her makeup style does not inspire in the slightest compared to the above two books - however, she taught me all the basics I need to know. An important lesson I learnt from this book was regarding different nationality skin and what tones make up the skin - and therefore how to work from that to create a beautiful image - this was definitely an invaluable lesson. It also has a great chapter about how to develop your portfolio and your career as a makeup artist - this really inspired me and was also invaluable reading! The makeup looks in this book are more normal makeup and some bridal styles - there's no crazy art here, however, there is solid knowledge that all makeup artists should know - so use this as your platform to develop more knowledge!

Scott Barnes book entitled 'About Face' is ridiculously amazing! He uses the funnest makeup techniques ever - he literally daubs red, yellow and brown pigmented powders all over the bare face, then with a flick of his brush the skin looks flawless!!! It's amazing to see the step by step guide in his book on his techniques. He also has the most incredible before and after shots I've ever seen, he can transform anyone into a superstar catwalk model! I really love this book!

I received 'The Complete Guide to Makeup' when I signed up for BTEC Makeup Artistry, and so far it's been a real asset in helping me learn makeup techniques. The pictures in it aren't of what I'd call high quality makeup - however the text and instruction pages have been really helpful!

I own so many makeup books but haven't had chance to really delve deeply into them - however from what I've read so far these are the other books from my shelf I'd recommend.

Also - I don't any of his books but intend to very soon, - that is Kevin Aucoins books - he's an amazing makeup artist, so I expect his books will be too! Let me know what you think if any of you have read them! :)

PS don't buy these for RRP in the shops, you can get them for so much cheaper on Amazon!

However - there's one source of makeup pictures and often info that is great too --- Magazines! I buy so many magazines, and cut out the makeup looks that inspire me. I'm in the process of creating a huge scrap book full of makeup looks from magazines that I love, and I've seperated it into chapters of the makeup style, such as pinup, smokey eye.. :) They can often be a great source of learning by just trying your best to copy what is in the picture!

Let me know if there are any books out there that you love!

Emily xoxoxo

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  1. Hi Emily! I just wanted to let you know that I'm loving your blog here! Your tumblr is already one of my favourites; it was recommended to me by Amy Collins (amyeemae)!
    I've got the Making Faces book by Kevin Aucoin, and it's brilliant!
    Looking forward to reading more of your work :) xx


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