Monday, 3 January 2011

Pizza, Bed, Revision ...

Hello sweeties,

Hope the new year is treating you well, I'm enjoying 2011 lots :) Me and Dan went out to a local pub last night and had so much fun playing darts, for some reason I'm better when I have a few drinks in my belly! It's so nice to go out with him and spend time out of the house. Obviously we want to go out, but I can tell Dan is enforcing it a little more as he's mentioned he's noticed how down I've been getting recently. I keep sleeping through the whole day, and doing strange things :( I think it's a combination of really missing home, exams coming up, and just new medication too - fingers crossed it's just that eh!
I just can't seem to get motivated to do anything! Like today I've just dossed out in bed :( Here's a nice pic of me for you guys in all my depressed glory! This webcam makes my hair appear a very strange colour!

So superman Dan has once again realised I'm not really myself so is whisking me out for tea (well the Tesco vouchers are paying ;) ) to Pizza Express, I'm so excited!!! I haven't really been eating at all since I've been back up here, only having tea with Dan - hopefully a side effect of my new meds will be rapid weight loss, as the other ones caused the complete opposite haha! Mind you, last night we had lots of fun making sheperds pie together, Dan's the master of mashed potato! And it was delicious!! :) I can't wait for tonight to have dough balls and a huge chicken salad or pizza - hmm decisions!
In times like these when I'm not feeling myself there are a few things that put the spring back in my step - Dan, mine and Dans family and bunnies, makeup stuff, and watching romantic films! However, there's no time for this! I have an exam next week, and as I've had an epically bad semester at uni I have no lecture notes - so I basically need to learn the entire module by next week - but I just can't get motivated! Aaargh hopefully my full stomach will make me more inclined to pick up my books!
Hopefully I'll be feeling better soon, and I really hope none of you guys are feeling the winter blues, or any blues at all!
Pizza and dough balls!

Emily xoxo

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  1. Hello Milly,
    Hope you are feeling better.
    W. House.X


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