Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Makeup Rules & Trends

Hello lovelies!

So I thought I'd post about makeup rules and trends that fill the beauty pages of magazines, fill our minds and corrupt our thoughts! I believe everyone should wear whatever makeup they want, whatever colour, whatever style, whatever amount - because makeup is all about making a statement. In high fashion photoshoots - fierce makeup sets the clothes off brilliantly - as you feel as though the clothes are so wonderful fierce and terrifying that only fierce makeup will do! But over time people have started to associate certain techniques or colours of makeup with bad things! Just because a woman wears thick foundation doesn't mean she wants to look like Barbie! Red lipstick doesn't mean she's after sex! Heavily outlined eyes doesn't mean you're an emo! I'm sick to death of these ridiculous misconceptions about makeup! WEAR WHATEVER MAKEUP YOU WANT! :)
Another super annoying thing that seems to follow makeup around are these apparent 'rules' about how you can and can't wear makeup.. Well I have news for these rules! Guess what - stuff them all!!! You CAN wear a heavily made up eye AND a heavily made up lip... You CAN wear colours other than browns and greys on your eye without looking outrageous... You CAN wear whatever colour lipstick you fancy.. You DON'T have to match your makeup to your outfit.. You DON'T have to put your makeup on in a particular order.. You CAN use products aimed for one thing for other stuff - multiuse!.. these ridiculous rules are so deeply embedded in our sponge like minds that even I didn't realise I had some of these values. I used to think ew, that makeup looks kinda bad - but who am I to think that?!?!?! There is no such thing as good or bad makeup as makeup is all about art, it's all about your own concept, about how you feel, about making your own mark on yourself - it should not be influenced by rules or stereotypes or even trends!
Make has it's fashion forecast all of its own - now this is interesting to keep up with as often makeup looks from the back and beyond of time are revamped - but that doesn't mean you don't look good if you don't wear these styles!!!
WEAR YOUR MAKEUP HOWEVER YOU WANT IT! - even if that means with bright green eyelids and orange lips! Life will be so much more interesting if we all had makeup like that everyday!
Go and be experimental and stop conforming!

Emily xoxo

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