Wednesday, 12 January 2011

My Favourite Youtube Gurus!

Hey sweeties!

I thought I'd tell all you guys about my favourite Youtube gurus. I could literally waste days watching these (and often do). They're so fun and inspiring - I just love watching the transformations!
My favourite Youtube gurus specialise in 'costume'/'transformation' makeup, and I find them just SO amazing!

First up, is Promise Phan. She does such fun looks, and when she transforms herself, it's shocking just how much she looks like what she's aiming for! Her Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie tutorials are especially good! :)

Next up, you guessed it (!!!!!!), Kandee Johnson! I love her costume makeup looks - she's so inspiring! And when she dresses up, she always goes 100% of the way with costumes, accessories, wigs.. everything! She's brill!

Finally is iwanted2c1video aka Bethany. The makeup looks she creates are insanely amazing! She's so creative, and makes prosthetics and fun stuff for all the looks she does. I could sit and watch her videos forever!

Who are your favourite youtubers? Let me know - I love discovering new ones!

Emily xoxo

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