Friday, 14 January 2011

Favourite Makeup Artists

Hey sweeties,

The other day on my tumblr I was asked by the lovely 'cupcakeromance' - her tumblr is; '

Who are some of your favourite make up artists? :)

I loved this question, and thought you readers of my blog might enjoy reading my answer too :)
I could have gone on forever and ever about makeup artists I love, but tried to confine it into a bitesized answer.. So here it is;

ooh what a fun question!

my favourite makeup artists are…

alex box - she is AMAZING and is also the creative director of illamasqua, her take on makeup is the same as mine, she’s more interested in the art side rather than the beautifying part. also, she’s a world famous makeup artist, yet she’s from grimbsy, a small fishing town - so she’s like my idol too cos she’s from such an untrendy town and has such an amazing job!.. here’s a picture of an example of her work..

kevin aucion is another inspiration - he’s amazing! look how he made lisa marie presley look insanely like marilyn monroe! i couldn’t believe it when i realised it wasn’t her! this guys got talent!

Pat Macgrath is another insanely good makeup artist, she does loads of the fun catwalk makeup looks that are always getting reblogged on tumblr.. plus if you read interviews with her she’s such an amazing and genuinely nice person! here’s a pic of her work..

another makeup artist i fell in love with after reading his book is scott barnes.. he’s worked mostly as j.lo’s makeup artist, but also created some beautiful looks for kim kardashian! he works with makeup in a completely new and fun way! read his book ‘about face’, it’s brill! it has the most wonderful before and after shots too! they honestly took my breath away!

and finally lisa eldrige! i’ve only recently discovered her but she’s such a wonderful lady and she creates the most beautiful makeup! she did the makeup for cheryl on this months elle magazine! and cheryl looked super hot!

this is my favourite tumblr ask i’ve ever had! ask me more! what are your favourites?

you’ve got me so inspired!

have an amazing day/night :)


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