Wednesday, 12 January 2011

My Makeup Cupboard

Hello sweeties,

So today I thought I'd give you a peek inside my makeup cupboard! Yes, ridiculous I know, but I have so much stuff and it all needs storing nicely! I like that everything is in one place and even though it's a mess in these pictures, it's organised. I love looking through it and finding hidden gems I'd forgotten about! And believe it or not, my makeup collection is outgrowing this cupboard! I don't like how everything's cramped, I'd love a little room to lay it all out on and fill with lovely vanity tables and pink glitter stuff - one day! :)
How do you guys store your makeup?

So above is like the actual cupboard. It's like a converted airing cupboard, but the landlord used to keep laundry in it, and the previous tenant used it as a little deskroom - but what better thing to do with it than fill it with makeup?!?! It was very dim in there, so I got two lights from Wilkinsons for about £4 each to light up and illuminate my face when popping my makeup on. The middle shelf with the mirrors on is messiest cos that's where I do my makeup everyday, so things get left everywhere if I've been in a rush! I have two mirrors cos I like to see my makeup and hair from different angles while I'm getting ready :)

This is the shelf above my mirror/everyday makeup shelf - and I keep all my nail varnishes on it, makeup books, and other little bits and bobs like brush cleaners and little makeup bags. :)

Here's a snap of whats at the very bottom - the stuff I've grabbed out of my MAC Zuca train case and pretty much dumped at the bottom! The case has the clear bags you can see above - the one in the picture has some lippies in :) I got a big knife and cut them out of their lipstick torpedo and popped them into a clear plastic organiser to make choosing colours and transporting lots of lippies easier :). On it is my brush belt, with about 5% of my brushes in! I've basically taken out the ones I use (which is a LOT) and left in the ones I don't. I fill it back up when I have a shoot :)

Here's another of my MAC Zuca train case bags, this one has blush and bronzer products! I don't use this bag too much as I now have a MAC blush palette with the colours I use most - and that's so much easier to transport and keep out for everyday use!

Here's my everyday makeup bit of the cupboard in all its messy glory!

Here's my MAC Zuca train case (where I got those clear bags out of). I use this for shoots as it fits SO much in and keeps it all safe! Plus it has wheels so you can pull it along - no back ache, and the wheels light up like those trainers you get when you're little!! Eeek! :)


Emily xoxo

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