Sunday, 9 January 2011

Long time no blog!

Hello sweetie pops!
So sorry I haven't blogged for a while - I've had bloggers block ;) haha - I guess feeling a little down just doesn't let your brain fill with fun imaginative ideas! I just feel like sometimes what I write won't be interesting - so I don't bother writing it! Boo :(
I've been looking through my tumblr archive today (tumblr is my most favourite website ever - you post pictures that inspire you, and can 'reblog' pictures from other tumblr accounts that you love, and follow other tumblr'ers to see what inspires them!). All the pictures on there fill my heart with joy! I so wish I could print them all off and decorate my house with them - I'd be so inspired everyday :D Here's my tumblr...
Today all those wigs came in the post! They look great fun and me and Dan had such a giggle trying them on, but they're pretty dire quality haha they don't look much like what they do on their advertising pictures, but never mind eh - I'll have a fiddle with them and try and get them ship shape!
So with my lack of exams to revise for - I'm doing lots of little creative projects... the wig one for a start and adding costume makeup looks, making special effects prosthetics too, reading lots of make up books, and I've been cutting out loads of makeup looks from magazines and I'm putting them in a big scrap booky folder split into different segments like 'pin up' and 'catwalk' - so I can instantly be inspired by it, but also take it to shoots so the directors can instantly pick out what sort of look they're going for. As well as this - I'm decorating some shoes! The creative process hasn't quite begun, so far I've bought some super high cream heels with bows on, and I'm planning on sticking on loads of sequins, gems, trinkets, ribbons, bows, hearts, diamantes... everything you can imagine, to make my own personalised shoes! :D I'm planning on ordering the little trinkets from here...
They'll look super tacky and funny but I'll love them! :D Not sure I'll ever wear them out when alcohol will involved though!!!
Me and Dan watched the cutest programme ever the other night, about a bear momma and her little cub! We both cried, it was so lovely - watch it now and it'll brighten your whole day...
What are you guys doing to keep you busy and inspired? Let me know some fun ideas so I can try them out myself :)
How cute is this little Belle dress?!?!?! :D

Lots of love,

Emily xoxo

PS It's my Mommas birthday today - I love and miss her so much, and so wish I could be with her on her special day! Here's what flowers I got her - hope she likes them! :)
Beautiful Basket - Pink & White

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  1. Love your blog, and I'm sure your mum loves the flowers and loves and misses you lots too>

    W. House.X


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